Manmarziyan 18th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika talking to Sam in office. Sam asks her not to bore her with philosophy and Radhika reminds her what she told earlier in Rishikesh. She sees Sam eating chocolates. She says she is feeling hungry and wishes laddoo was here. Sam says don t worry, you will get it tomorrow, special Rishikesh one. Radhika says she will tell family that she is here, else they will worry. Sam says I don t think its good idea, its 2am. Radhika says but Sharmila can inform them, and my phone is with Zubin. Sam says relax, sleep now, call in morning.

Sam sleeps on the sofa. Radhika holds the phone and calls her out. She wakes up Sam and asks her to keep alarm in phone. Sam asks her to sleep now and not talk. Radhika says I m not getting sleep, I m going to have water, do you want… Sam gets irked. Radhika comes back and sees Sam kept the chocolate for her. She takes it and smiles. She eats it and waits for sunrise.

Dada ji hides and eats sweets. Radhika s mum talks to him and asks whats happening. She gets the sweets and he jokes on it. She says she will complain to Radhika. She gets Sharmila s call. Sharmila tells her everything. Birju wakes up Radhika and the landline falls. It does not work. Radhika goes to wake up Sam, and asks why did she not wake her up, she had to call mum, its very late. Sam asks what, am I your secretary.

Zubin tells Kritika that Radhika s family called 50times, I hope everything is fine. They reach office. Radhika tries calling home. They see Radhika and her bag and get thinking. Radhika calls home and says she was going to call yesterday. Her mum says she got Sharmila s call, and asks Ankush to book Radhika s ticket. Dilip says ask her what happened, is she fine. Her mum says Radhika will not stay there now, and asks her to come back, and gives her vow.

Radhika cries hearing their argument. Her mum says she will not drink a drop of water till she comes back. Dilip asks is she fine, he spoke to Madan and Sharmila, they did not do right, we will come there and find another home. Her mum Mala says no, Radhika will come back. Dilip says we all worry for her, give her a chance. Mala says do you want me to let Radhika get a chance to become news, get her back. Dilip says we will call you later. Neil comes and sees Radhika crying.

He asks what happened, why is she crying. Sam is in washroom and says why don t they give home to single girl. The agent says society will create problem. He asks her to meet them, and she can shift today. She takes Arjun s note and keeps it back. Radhika says I have to go back, mum left having food, and tells what Zubin did. Neil looms at Zubin. Zubin says I was waiting there for 2 hours, I had to drop Tejh home too. He returns her purse and phone, and says I felt you left. Tejh comes there and looks at them angrily.

Neil looks on. Zubin and Kritika get tensed. The agent tells Sam that the home is final now. She throws Arjun s note. She says mum is not with me now. The agent Sharma says but we know this, just get her once. Sam says she will not come, I have to get it alone. He says no one gives home to single girls and ends the call. She recalls Arjun s words and picks the note back from the bin. She calls on the number.

Arjun comes to a home and recalls Nandini. Kuch khaas nai thi meri zindagi……………..plays………… Arjun gets sad thinking about her, and feels her presence everywhere in the house. He touches the board names Nandini Pandey and removes it. He recalls Nandini s ill state. Kaka comes and asks him did he not move ahead. Arjun says moving on does not mean forgetting things, but to learn, he never forgets the lesson taught by life, one life ended here 15 years before and now another will end, and sees Sam entering the gate. He says she has come.

Sam enters the house and sees Arjun. He asks her to come for a date with him, if she wants to house. Dilip asks Radhika to come back. Radhika cries. Neil gets angry and asks Sam to convince her mum and find a home for her. Sam goes to talk to Piyali.

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