Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2015 Written Episode

Ahem asks Kokila to open the door and have food. She says if he will do what she says, she will open door. He agrees.

Pari slaps and scolds Tolu/molu for misbehaving with Gopi and says she will tell them the truth today. Kinjal gets tensed hearing that and reminds her promise made to Kokila. Pari says as if she is obeying Kokila and says she will reveal her secret also. Kinjal gets tensed and starts fighting with her. Pari says she knows she is trying to divert her attention and is involved in this. Kinjal shouts even loudly. Hetal asks them to stop fighting.

Kokila beats Ahem. Gopi, Mansi, and vidya/meera try to rescue him. Meera pushes Kokila on floor. Ahem gets angry and asks what is wrong with her, why did she push his mom. She says she could not see it. He says she is his mom and has right to correct him. She says it was a natural reaction. Kokil says Gopi did exactly same 10 years ago and could not see Radha trying to kill Rashi. She says Gopi accepted Rashi when her own dear ones rejected her. She had to kill Radha to save Rashi and it was Gopi s well thought reaction and she had to go to jail for that. Her Gopi bahu cannot think of harming anyone in her dreams. She tells how Radha used to threaten them to kill her child and they had to prepare a will to stop her.

Pari asks Tolu/molu if they love Rashi and can do anything for her. They say yes. She says what if someone ties her to tree and threaten to kill her. Jigar reminisices the incident and says they pleaded Radha a lot to leave Rashi, but she did not. Kokila on the other side tells how Radha pushed Gopi into river and Ahem jumped in to rescue her. Jigar says Radha ordered Kokila to kneel down and rub her nose on floor and she did it. Kokila says she prayed god to send Gopi back and Gopi came out of river with trishul and did her vadh like goddess Durga did
Mahishasur s vadh.

She tells Ahem that accepting injustice is wrong and seeing someone undering injustice is more wrong. She was proud of her son before, but now she is ashamed of him. Gopi tries to stop him, but she asks her to stop. She tells Meera that if she thinks Gopi is a murderer, then Ahem is also a murderer who murdered his mom s trust.

Pari scolds Tolu/molu with half-baked knowledge, they alleged Gopi and she is worried about her. Jigar asks her to calm down. She says she cannot as she used to think she brought her children well, but they proved it wrong. Tolu/molu apologize her. She says she does not want to listen them. They hold her hands and request to forgive them. She hugs and forgives them. Kinjal gets tensed seeing her plans failing.

Kokila says Gopi suffered for the mistakes she did not do and says from today nobody should confront gopi and if they do, they will have to face her angst.

Precap: Kokila says her Gopi bahu is right and will always be right.

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