Manmarziyan 19th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun talking to Kaka. Sam comes there and says Mr. Rana. Neil asks Radhika not to resign and talk to her mum once. Saral calls her and Neil asks her to answer the call, talk to him, maybe he can convince your mum, try, don t give up. Saral says is she fine, Ankush told him everything. She asks him will he do her work. He asks to book return ticket. She says she does not want to come back. He asks her to leave this dream chase now. She asks him to talk to mum. He says I will talk, she will agree. He says Neil said he will arrange some home. Saral asks why is he helping you. She says he is just helping, talk to mum please. Saral says fine and ends the call.

Neil says Saral is not that bad, I m sure he will do something. Sam looks around the home and likes it. She is stunned seeing Arjun there. Arjun asks did she like it, he is following her. He says if she needs this home, she has to come on a date with him. She says no. He says think again, I m playing with you, if no date, then no home. She says she wants home, but no conditions.

Dilip calls Radhika and asks her to come home, as her mum wants this, Ankush will tell her the ticket details. Radhika cries. She makes her resignation. Neil recalls Zubin saying about Sam and goes. He goes and confronts her. He asks her to find a home for Radhika. Radhika recalls her dreams. Sam stops Radhika and says she has a home, will she share 50-50. Radhika says but… Sam says say yes, then we will convince mum. Radhika says she will not agree. Sam says its my responsibility.

Arjun says this story started here and will end here. Sam says your mum will agree. Tejh brings Radhika s ticket. Sam says we make ads, what do we want to convey by ads, and indirectly asks them. Radhika says her mum s name Mala Mishra. Mala gets worried for Radhika. Dada ji asks her not to do anything to change Radhika s life.

Saral comes and scares them more about the girl s death in Mumbai. Mala gets tensed and says she can t risk Radhika. Saral calls Ankush on video chat. They all sing and show how supportive they are of Rachika. They make Radhika s room ready. Radhika smiles. They show all the home arrangements on webcam. Sam says Radhika is safe here.

Radhika says she will come back if mum says. Sam says give one chance to Radhika, we all are with her. Saral says they were yesterday, why did they not make her reach home, family is family, friend is friend. Neil says please let her be here. Sam says please. Dilip nods. Dada ji says don t cut her feathers. Mala says sorry, I can t leave Radhika in Mumbai. She says song was good, but truth can t change by it, the truth is she is alone there, there is no one to take care of her. Saral smiles. Radhika cries. Manmarziyan……………plays…………….

Radhika says her dreams are not more than her parents trust. Arjun burns some pics and says his plan starts tonight.

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