Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 19th May 2015 Written Episode

RV says to Ritika that he is the reason for this insecurity and only he can let go of it.
Dewarsh tells Chaitali he won t let Ranveer ruin his wedding. He says he is sure Shekhar won t invite Ranveer on wedding. He asks Chaitali to call and ask what they think about Ranveer, Baa comes and stops them. She says Shekhar is going to be their son-in-law, she doesn t want any interference in his matters. Dewarsh thinks he must keep a backup plan ready.
Shekhar was worried about Ishaani that she has got so late. Ishaani comes and asks why he didn t sleep. Shekhar say once she waited for him, today he could wait. She looks at the table set. He says what she is looking at, sometimes husbands can also wait for wives. They take the seats, Shekhar asks what RV said. Ishaani says nothing that he had never said. Ishaani gets up to serve Shekhar, he notices her saree. She explains it is Ritika s, she got wet… Shekhar says their relation began with a truth, she doesn t need to explain anything. He makes her sit and says he will serve the food today. Ishaani watches him keenly, and when he sits she says sorry to him that Ranveer can t come to their wedding. Shekhar says he doesn t want to hear about him, they both will handle him. He tells Ishaani his uncle is coming with gifts for Krisha s wedding, so she may take a beauty sleep as she will meet his family.
In the morning, Shekhar s aunts and uncles arrive. The ladies ask about Kanchal s daughter in law, they watches Ishaani coming downstairs making up her hair. They ladies look at her in awe. Shekhar was talking on phone when he catches Ishaani, he says the colour suits her a lot. She smiles. Shekhar says every colour suits her. Ishaani says thanks. Shekhar asks is it for his appreciation? Ishaani says both for appreciation as well as saree and jewellery that aunty has given her. Shekhar says it is because his paternal aunt has arrived, mom wants to show off. He asks if she knows what Bhaat is? She says no. He explains his uncle will bring some gifts and then there will be celebrations. Ishaani says in Gujrati they call it Mameeru. Shekhar makes fun of the name. Mr. Mehra asks Shekhar to let Ishaani meet his aunts now. They meet Ishaani warm-heartedly.
Dewarsh arrives with Pratik, Mr. Mehra introduces him to aunts of Krisha. Shekhar asks why Baa, mummy papa and everyone didn t come. Krisha takes him inside for cocktail party gifts. Ishaani goes to bring snacks for everyone. The Bua s appreciate Ishaani. Shekhar hugs his younger Bua. RV says no compromise on eating. Shekhar gets alert and comes to RV. RV says hey to him, smiles and heads inside. Shekhar stops him and says here he isn t welcomed, he won t attend any of Kris or his wedding functions. Because he is here to dramatize their functions. RV tells Shekhar to smile as he is getting married. RV says he doesn t go to any function without invitation, he got an invitation from groom s house. Shekhar asks who invited him. Ranveer calls Ishaani, Ishaani gets worried. RV comes to her and asks how is she, she must be busy and asks who is she feeding these laddu. Shekhar had also come there. RV tells Shekhar she didn t invite him, they didn t invite but he came to congrats them. Dewarsh comes downstairs. RV says the one who invited him is just behind him and goes to meet Pratik. He tells Pratik he invited him and he is here, Pratik gulps. RV says to Pratik he must stay with him, else they will let him go out of here soon.
Dewarsh takes Pratik to a side and asks if he invited RV. Has he forgotten RV owes him so much. Dewarsh asks doesn t he know what RV did to him on road. Pratik says he knows what happened on road, he is disgusted that he is marrying Krisha for money. He will invite RV on every function where he is needed to keep Dewarsh in limits.
RV was stubborn in front of Shekhar and asks him to serve well. Shekhar warns RV not to creat a scene here, else he won t let him leave with the respect he came here. He goes to hug Ishaani from behind. Ishaani s eyes stuck on Ranveer. RV was hurt and turns around.
Chaitali, Baa and Ritesh arrive, the family go to receive them. Ishaani comes and greet Baa who hugs her. Baa says she looks beautiful. Kanchal introduces Buas to Baa and family. The Bua ask about Ishaani s uncle, Ritesh says Ishaani has no maternal uncle, so he will fulfil all the rituals. Bua s questions but Mr. Mehra takes care about it. Ishaani tells Baa not to worry, Shekhar s family expect nothing but this. Ritesh gets a call, he is worried and leaves.
Shekhar s family ask about his mama (Maternal Uncle). He and his wife arrive, the Bua teases Kanchal to check if the envelops be empty. Chaitali notices all the rituals and is elated to see the gifts. Baa says she will be ashamed when they will have to give Shagun.
RV notices Ishaani happy, he whispers to her that this is a good ritual and better is that she has no mama, else he would have got empty pocketed filling her Bhaat. He says he has heard Ritesh kaka is filling bhaat. Bua s hear this. RV says this is her third wedding, first with Chiraag, second with him and third with Shekhar; she must tell Shekhar how many times will she marry? Bua s murmur about talking to Raj about Ishaani. Ishaani is worried and says to Ranveer she never expected such low behavior from him. RV says he also never expected that Harshid Parekh s daughter will marry people for their money.

PRECAP: Ishaani says to RV that instead of hers he must care about his life with Ritika. RV asks she cares so much about him. Ishaani says he is marrying Ritika and she is settling with Shekhar so leave her. RV remembers a dialog, ‘mother asks to leave Ishaani, Ishaani asks to forget her memories, Ritika asks to quit this drama

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