Mohe Piya Milenge 20th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Vijiya says we are at meghna s place. Aadi says please give the phone to meghna. Aadi says maa at least you should have told me that you were going there. He says have you said yes? Sanjivni says no. He says come from there. Maa says what is wrong? He says nothing serious i will tell you when you come home. SAnjivni says sorry we have to go home. Madhvi says is everything okay? SAnjivni says aadi asked me to come home urgently. meena says is everything okay? Sanjivni says yes yes nothing to worry about. Arcahana says maa saari, she says no. They leave. madhvi says to meena what could it be didi.

Sanjivni says aadi you put us in trouble. Thank God we didn t give the saaari. Sanjivni says we decided that we will say yes. He told me that he likes her. Aadi says sorry. he says meghna called me in afternoon, she wanted to talk to me. Vijiya says but you met to talk to her. Aadi says yes but she didn t say anything back then. No one can say so many things in one meet up. Sanjivni says what she wants to say? baba says how would he know. Archana says what could be so important. aadi says chill don t be so tensed. Maybe she wants to say something about her career or economic issue or anything. So in short don t we hasty. Sanjivni says we were sad to hear when you asked us to come home. Aadi says i will make coffee.
Sanjivni says what can it be? baba says anything. He says new generation are not forced my anyone. We have to be patient. Let them have their space and time. We wont be the hurdle. We will let them live the way they want to.

Suresh is worried. Madhvi says is there anything wrong? She says tell me what is it? Suresh says Sharma ji has been arrested by anti-corruption. His house was raided. Madhvi says now our house too? Suresh says dont say that. baba ji will take care of it all.

Precap-Suresh says i am hiding for two days. You should go to meena s place with meghna. aadi comes to meena s house and says i am sorry i asked maa to come back home yesterday but we want to know each other better before we proceed.

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