Team Bhagyalakshmi on DIET – Written Update

We have heard of actors going on a diet and staying fit but just got information that an entire team of a show is currently on diet!

Any guesses who the health conscious team is?

Well, it’s none other than &TV’s numero uno show Bhagyalakshmi (Rashmi Sharma Productions).

From what our source shared, Ashita Gulabani is on a strict diet these days and has inspired her other team members to also pave their way towards losing some weight.

We spoke to Ashita who shared, “Amit Tandon’s wife, Dr Ruby actually helped me write up a chart which includes healthy food items. Seeing it work well for me, others have also joined and we have fun talking about health food. Also seeing us getting fitter together is a great feeling.”

She further said, “Since I have two young kids, I don’t get time to work out and thus dieting is my only way to stay fit. Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) is also really interested to lose weight and keeps on asking me a tip or two.”

We further also spoke to Abhishek Malik, a health freak who shared, “I had been partying a lot but now realised how much health is important and thus have quit all bad habits. I have understood how worthy it is to be healthy. And especially on HD screens one looks fat so we have to be in shape (laughs).”

The good looking Barkha Singh also added, “Oh it is a great practice that all of us have taken up. When one works as a group you don’t tend to lose focus and that is why, we are having a gala time shedding off weight together. We only have salads on the sets, so people are warned not to eat with us for sometime (winks).”

Wow! Don’t you think it is an amazing way to be in shape?

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