I love pets more then human beings Charlie Chauhan – Written Update

It is said that animals are best friends of human beings and known for its loyalty towards their master. Our Telly town actors apart from acting also invest their time in taking care of their pet. Telly Buzz has been reporting about actors who are pet lovers and one such actress is Charlie Chauhan aka Mukti from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan.

Let’s know about Charlie’s love towards animals…

Sharing her love towards pets she says, “I love pets more then human beings, I think they are more loyal. They love us unconditionally, if I get angry on my pet Choti, I can convince her in few seconds.”

“I am an animal lover since my childhood, even Kunwar likes dog and so I gifted him troy as a birthday gift. I was insecure to do so because I thought that troy will seek my part of attention but instead I am more attached to Troy. Kunwar and I are mad for pets, we can even sit down to play with street dogs.”

Talking about her pet she says, “I went to a pet shop with an intention to buy a cat because Kunwar always used to refuse me to get a dog. However, when I saw Choti there, she was looking so adorable with her tongue out, I couldn’t stop myself from bringing her home.”

“Its an amazing feeling to be with her, she easily comes to know whenever I am sad. She starts loving me when I am crying or I am in bad mood. Though they don’t understand our language but there is some kind of connection with them.The emotional support which I get from Choti is indescribable. When I was going through a bad phase in my life, Choti was the one who filled the space.”

“I have seen people hurting them. I hate people when they treat dogs badly. If they can’t speak that doesn’t mean that you can hurt them and treat them harshly.” She concludes with a message.

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