Will Kabir die in Colors series Code Red – Written Update

Colors’ crime thriller Code Red (Sunshine Rise Productions) is surely entertaining masses with its gripping stories and nail biting thriller sequences.

Inspired from real life incidents, one of the coming episodes will focus on Kabir’s (Yash Sinha) battle with alcohol mafias.

A source shared, “In one of the upcoming episodes it will be shown that a young woman, played by Kamna Ranawat, will fall victim of mental and physical abuse. Once affected the young girl will seek for Kabir’s help. And while fighting for the rights of the lady Kabir will get into a tiff with goons . And as the story will progress it will be revealed that many big shot names including some mafias and political leaders will also be involved into the illegal trade of desi daru.”.

While investigating about the case, Kabir will get hold of some information and will try to reveal the names involved with the illegal business. And to keep all the secrets under wrap, he will become the target of the hooligans and they will beat him. Seriously injured after the attack Kabir will be admitted in the hospital.

This will be interesting to see whether Kabir will make through the attack and will finally survive?

We tried reaching Yash Sinha for a confirmation but he remained unavailable.

This particular sequence will be aired on Friday.

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