Classical dance for me is grace postures and well poised Shilpa Raizada – Written Update

Acting may not be the ‘only’ goal in the life of an actor. Most of them like to explore various hobbies – be it singing or dancing or drawing or photography or any other hobby along with their tedious shooting schedule. One such actor who makes sure she does not skip out on her hobby of dance is Shilpa Raizada who is currently seen as Binny on &TV’s Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls.

“Dance is my passion. However I am not a trained dancer, I eagerly want to learn dance. I have participated in all dance competitions during my school and college days but seldom got an opportunity to pursue it further since the time I have started working. I have the ability to pick up the steps instantly. Indian classical dance forms attract me like any other. The grace, the postures and the poise is something I aspire to acquire from our Indian classical dance forms. I do not get much time because of my busy schedules but I make sure I remove some time to sharpen my dancing skills. Moreover, ever in future if I get an opportunity to participate in a dance reality show, I will take up without even thinking about it twice.”

Well Shilpa, we really hope to see you dancing on a big stage!

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