Shocking Akhil Mishra attacked by goons – Written Update

Life can sometimes bring on some really shocking incidents that can leave you all shaken up.

Something similar happened recently with seasoned actor Akhil Mishra who was left bruised and battered after he was beaten up by some random goons.

Yes, it’s true; here read the details that a highly credible source informed us.

Akhil (Uttaran fame) was in Karjat to meet his wife Suzanne Bernert (works in Colors’ Ashoka) and while he was outside the studio in his car, some guys in an Innova arrived and hit him black and blue. The actor was left in a disbelieved state being attacked all of a sudden with hockey sticks. The goons also went on to smash his car and completely destroyed it.

Akhil alarmed the people around which made the goons escape. When Suzanne saw her husband covered in blood, she panicked. The actor was then rushed to a nearby hospital post which a complaint was filed. With Akhil having lost a lot of blood, he was given medication and was asked to rest.

Our sources inform that people in and around the sets are really helpful but this incident has left a scar in the actor’s mind. Being hit so badly all of a sudden without any reason has disturbed him a lot. He is currently lying low and at home resting. We tried reaching Akhil, but he did not respond to our calls. On the other hand Suzanne refused to talk about the matter.

We hope the actors manage to wipe out these drastic moments off their memory. As for others, stay safe and happy!!!

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