Why Payal is in dilemma in Service Wali Bahu – Written Update

Village Boy Production’s show Servicewali Bahu on Zee TV is gearing up with interesting tracks to keep the audience glued to their television screens.

In the current track, Dev is about to sign a contract with some coaching classes which is caught in a scam.

But there will be another drama which will be a gain for Dev’s (Abhishek Rawal) family and a loss for Payal (Kratika Senger).

As per our source, “Finally the day will arrive, for which Dev’s family has been eagerly waiting. Their younger daughter has finally got her first salary and the family is now planning to trick her and take her money. Dev however doesn’t want this to happen as he is aware about his family’s evil intentions. Thus he will suggest to Payal that she should keep her salary with herself. But when Dev’s family will come know about it, they will create a situation in which Payal is forced to give her salary to them. Hence now Payal will be in dilemma whether to listen her husband or to her in laws.

How Payal will get out of this situation?

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