Wednesday Rumour Romit Raj – Written Update

Stardom and rumour for an actor go hand in hand. Better the actor, more the rumours. On our special Wednesday story, we have Romit Raj, currently seen on Sony TV’s Adaalat, with us. When questioned about the worst rumour that he came across and he answers this way:

“(Pauses for a while) in this ten second pause, I was trying to recollect about a rumour. But say fortunately, there have been no rumours that revolved around me at all. I come from a middle class family and if in any case there were rumours relating to me, my entire family would over react in a very bad way. I would have to calm them and tell them softly that these are just baseless rumours and I have nothing to do with it. It has been a decade in this industry. I have always led a much disciplined life all throughout. Most of the time, rumours are based on those people who socialize and hangout more. I am a family and grounded person. If hypothetically, I come across the person who has spread the rumour, I would just tell him/her that I have been in the industry for ten years and this five minute fame does not affect me.”

It is a hard fact to believe but it has been seldom that an actor manages to stay away from rumours. For this, TellyBuzz surely appreciates you, Romit!

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