Sneha Mathur to go back to Mumbai without her daughters in Tere Sher Main – Written Update

Star Plus show, Tere Seher Main is based on a quite interesting concept and the content of the show is become more and more interesting with every new episode.

As the viewers have already seen, Sneha (Gautami Kapoor) has decide to mortgage her house to help Hari and on other hand Rudra is conspiring against the Mathurs to get them homeless. But all this mess will lead to the separation of the mother and her daughters.

In further episodes, Sneha will decide to get a mid-way of getting money so that she can help Hari to get him bail. But she is hiding some secret about her ill health from her daughters as they will get worried. Thus, Sneha will come up to a solution that she will go back to Mumbai as they will have to soon vacate the house at Banaras as it has been mortgaged. Hence Sneha will ask Rudra (Aarya DharmChand Kumar) to take her daughters to his place for which he will agree. After lot of arguments, finally the girls will agree to go along with Rudra.

On the other hand, Mantu (Dhruv Bhandari) will think about Amaya (Hiba Nawab) and will feel that he is getting inclined towards her. Whereas, Rama (Rafi Malik) will decide to confess his feelings to Rachita (Anjum Fakih). Both the guys will be unaware about the fact that Mathur’s house has been mortgaged and they have shifted.

What will be Rudra’s next trap for the Mathurs? Will Mantu and Rachita be able to get the Mathurs out of this problem?

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