I am playing a modern bahu in Bhabhi Ma – Written Update

Zee TV’s upcoming channel ‘&’ is all set to come up with some really good shows along with some known faces. As we reported earlier, the show ‘Bhabhi Ma’ is all set to hit the screens just with the launch of the channel.

As reported elsewhere, Ashita Dhawan Gulabani has bagged the role of the youngest bahu in the show with Aroona Irani being the Bhabhi Ma and Shweta Gautam being the second bahu. In this chat with TellyBuzz, Ashita speaks about her look, character and much more.

Ashita reveals, "Aroona Irani will be seen playing the Bhabhi Ma in the show who heads the house. Her husband will not be seen in the show. I have done a lot many shows with negative and grey shade characters. Unlike them, my character in the show is out and out positive. I will be seen portraying a role which is very happy go lucky, chirpy and bubbly. But when it comes to Bhabhi, she is extremely scared of her. Actually, everyone in the house is scared of Bhabhi Ma. For the first time, I am playing a modern bahu where I will wear an open pallu sari. I will be seen wearing sophisticated jewellery and there will be a glamor quotient in spite of having a back drop of a small town of Ujjain."

When most of the actors prefer taking a break before taking up another show, it is not the case with the beautiful actor. Ashita who just got done with Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya a couple of months back says. "I am working for my kids. I am blessed to do something which can showcase my talent and skills. Fortunately or unfortunately, actors take a break because they do not get much work. I would stop working at the time I reach the level where as an actor I want to. But till then, I will keep working."

When asked about managing her house, kids and shoot, she says, "Managing everything is the most difficult task for any actor. Each of us have to adjust according to the situation. It is even more challenging for women and if especially if she is a mother. In my case, my kids have understood that I have to go out and work. But of course, they are in safe hands and I am constantly in touch with them to know they are well or not."

Anything to fans? "I would just want to thank them for liking and appreciating my work. I am trying to give my best to them to connect with them."

Besides this, Varun Kapoor will be playing the lead role in the show.

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