A TVC drama on Neeli Chhatri Wale – Written Update

Garima Productions’ popular show Neeli Chhatri Wale on Zee TV, is quite known for its unique and interesting concept that showcases stories, which a common man can relate to.

As viewers have seen that with every new episode, the makers bring in a new story with which they try to convey a message to the audience.

This time, the story will be about how people get attached to their belongings and valuable stuff.

Our source says, “Bobby (Disha Upadhyay) will get attracted towards a TVC which claims that the winner will be given a car. The TVC is contest in which one has to identify an actor’s face. Just to get that car she will use all the balance of mobile phones ending up in winning the car. Later, when she will go to claim the car, she will be asked for additional payment in form of taxes.”

“The amount asked to claim the car is too high for the Bhagwandas’ (Rajesh Kumar) family to pay, so they will gather all the valuable stuff and belongings in order to get money for paying the car expenditures. Gradually Bhagwandas will realize that the car is not that worthy in front of the valuable things to which they have feelings attached. So after a lot of thinking he will decide to give back the car and get his belongings back.”

Well it seems to be an interesting track!

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