Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman getting a letter from Adi s counselor. She says she is glad that Adi does not need counseling now, as he feels secured and loved by his family. He says thanks. She asks him to give the letter to Adi s school. He hears a sound and asks her. She says m colleague in next cabin is dealing with her patient, he has anger management issues, he gets violent, he expresses feelings and emotions in much anger. The doctor asks Subbu to take new medicines. Raman says Adi is the best thing happened in my life, I m happy to get him. Raman gets Mrs. Bhalla s call and says he will talk to caterer.

Raman sees Subbu there and thinks did doctor tell me about Subbu. Subbu turns and sees him. They walk to each other. Raman asks how is he here. Raman says I came to take Adi s report how are you here. Subbu says I came with my colleague, his treatment is going on. Raman says oh that violent guy. Subbu says he has some personal problems, he is resting so I came out. Raman leaves.

Pammi sings and everyone smile. Bhalla house looks cheerful and everyone dance along Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla drinks wine. Amma asks Mihir that s all this. Mihir says this is Thappa, it happens in Punjab pind, its village folk song. Amma says this is fun, we should show this to Subbu s family. Mrs. Bhalla says great. Mihir says why don t we keep a retro theme party. Raman comes home and asks whats planning is going on. They say about retro party. He looks at Ishita and she signs no. He murmurs and asks in which song will Ishita dance.

He asks Romi about Raj and Simran. Romi says they went. Raman says it means my room is free, it means now no one will disturb me and Madras. Ishita smiles hearing him. Raman tells her that the room is their now. She says they have right to spent time alone, will come in some time, and offers samosa to him. Mihika comes to meet Abhishek and convinces the lady constable.

Raman comes to the room and says Raj will make honeymoon in my room, I will see and sprays pesticide medicine everywhere. He says sorry Raj and Simran, and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to get a drink for her. Raman asks whats the problem. Mrs. Bhalla says my fav ended, he is not bringing. Raman asks him to go. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman can go on moon too, I will not mention anything to your name on will. Raman pulls his hears. Raman sees Ishita dancing and smiles. He says dance Madrasan, I have done something, after that you will not dance, but will suit me.

Mihika sees Abhishek beating a man in lockup and says he is saying filmi dialogues, how much time more, I will not go till I meet. He asks Sharma to prepare for second degree torture. He sees Mihika and says who has let you come here, is this place to get a girl, come later, I have to make this man admit truth. He sees the man s call list from his two wives. He asks Mihika to go. She takes the phone and smiles. Abhishek says I got the ice slab, tell me the truth. Mihika asks the man to answer else she will tell his two wives that there is third one also. The man says don t do this, they will not leave me.

Mihika smiles. Abhishek says fear of wives… Mihika says your work is done and says about Shagun s case. Abhishek gets impressed by Mihika and says he will get a job for her here. She asks him to record statement and leaves. He smiles. Ishita comes in room and says who has put this pesticide medicine here, how will Raj and Simran stay here, and calls Neelu. She covers her nose and mouth with her dupatta, and starts cleaning with help of Neelu.

She asks Neelu to get bouquets and vase. She says she will use the scented candles. She lights them and arranges the flowers. Raj and Simran come and like the room. Ishita says you told Raman you was special space. Raj says its great. Ishita sits and talks to Simran. Raman comes and brings the wine. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have food. Raman asks him about Raj and Simran. She says they had dinner. Neelu says they are in his room. Raman makes excuses to go to his room.

Raman comes there covering his nose and sees the room fresh and clean. Raj thanks him for decorating the room for him, its romantic feel. Ishita says he should than her too, when she came in the room, it was stinking, someone put pesticide on the floor and she cleaned all the floor, now they can sleep well. Raj says you are great. Raman says you don t know her great stories. Raj tells Simran that its Balle Balle today. Ishita laughs and says good night. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to come to talk to her after dinner.

Raman gets angry on Ishita and calls her a fool. She asks why is he shouting on her. He says he did so much planning and made the room messes up to make them run, why did she clean it, he got scented candles and lilies for her. She says did he do this kiddish thing, they are their guests. He goes annoyed. She says even I will not talk now, always angry and irritated.

Subbu reads a diary and finds blank papers. He holds hit and throws things in anger. His hand bleeds and Ishita looks on. She says Subbu….

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