Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Abhi falling on Pragya and acting inebriated. She asks him to stop acting as inebriated as she can read his eyes. He wakes up and asks if she can read his eyes, then why can t she see his love and says she earlier expresses her love for him, but then said she was joking. She says she was really joking and says she came here to inform him that Tanu has agreed to get her pregnancy test. He says Tanu is lying. She says Tanu is not and asks if he will accept her if test comes positive. He asks if she will be able to face Daadi and others whom she gave pain and says he tolerated daadi s tears once but cannot next time.

Tanu gets a call from her secretary who asks if she is coming for shooting tonight. She says yes and asks him to cancel her tomorrow s shooting. She then stands in front of mirror and thinks what if Abhi finds she is not pregnant and reject her, she cannot completely trust even Pragya, so she should take Abhi to her people s hospital.

Abhi and Pragya star each other and get engrasped in their own weird thoughts. Abhi thinks tomorrow Tanu s truth will come out. Pragya thinks she will have to force Abhi and Daadi to accept Tanu and her child. She then feels guilty for confronting daadi, goes and stands outside her room. Daadi feels her presence and feels sad reminiscing her misbehavior.

Akash sees Rachna carrying heavy table and shouts at family who asked her to carry it. Mitali says she heard daadi asking to move it aside. Pragya starts misbehaving with Daadi and shouts that she even after knowing Rachna is pregnant asked her to lift weight as she does not like it. Daadi says she did not and says she does not like anyone talking to her like this and even she cannot. Pragya continues. Daadi asks her to ask Racha to tell if she told her. Akash asks Rachna (who was standing like a dumb puppet) says daadi not and she herself picked weight thinking of getting into Daadi s good books. Pragya walks out without apologizing daadi. Daadi feels sad.

Abhi stops Pragya and asks why did she hurt daadi when he told not to until Tanu s pregnancy results come. She says she wants daadi to hate her just like he is hating her and says they are getting late for the test. He repeats that Tanu is lying, but she is adamant (gosh..she is a professor but acts more dumber than a villager).

Abhi with Pragya reaches Tanu s house and gets her into car. She yells that he has changed after coming back from kidnap and continues. Abhi gets his friend s call and he asks if doc is available. Friend says yes. Tanu asks which doc he is taking taking her to. He says animal s and asks if she is afraid. She nervously says no.

They reach clinic. Tanu asks Abhi why did he bring her here and says she wants to know who the doc is. He asks if she wants to change the report. She asks why is he behaving rude with her. He says she is and goes to meet doc. Tanu gets tensed and asks wardboy who is this clinic s owner. Wardboy says he does not remember. Pragya asks why is she looking so tensed. Tanu says if her pregnany news is out and Abhi does not accept her, her career will be finished. Dumb Pragya asks not to worry as she will take care of her. Nurse informs that doc is calling her.

Precap: Tanu warns Abhi to keep her pregnancy secret as she does not want to reputation ruined, else she will ruin his reputation.

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