Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 20th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with,tilu comes in and tells tat I can smell the same perfume the one which the thief has applied and tiwari says tat we have already known tat who is the thief it is vibhuti while tilu says tat no and I will smell and tell who the thief is and he smells vibhuti and says tat he is not the thief and then tiwari says tat to tilu tat do u wanna say tat hapu singh is the thief and tilu then smells happu singh and says yes he is the thief as the smell comes from him and vibhuti says tat I was trying to tell tat only tat he is the thief and he wanted me to agree for the crime tat I have not done and anguri says tat happu singh I did not expect this from u and tiwari says tat he knew tat being an inspector u r corrupt but u r also a thief and then vibhuti gives the bag of mangoes to anguri and she gets happy.
Anita gets up early in morning and asks vibhuti to get up he says tat u already let him sleep at 2am asked him to wash clothes all night and now u want me to get up and go in kitchen and wash utencils and anita says tat no u don t have to go in kitchen as I am bored and lets try something new and vibhuti says tat ok he will come as deepu and anita says tat no this time u will become electrician and come now
Vibhuti turns his get up as an electrician and knocks on door and anita opens door and says u r rajaram the electrician and he says yes and she asks him to come in and repair the lamp and vibhuti acts like he is repairing and tries to romance anita and says u r so fair just like a tubelight and anita says wat is this and vibhuti says a electrician will talk like this only and then he says ok if u don t like I will change and anita says its ok and asks to continue he conitinues to romance and anita says rajaram this is not ok and then he goes behind her in kitchen while there anita turns naughty and a passerby looks at them romancing and whistles and then vibhuti says anita control as all people are seeing and then they hear tiwari shouting loudly at anguri and then anita says this is so wrong how can he shout on her like this and vibhuti says I need to see and he leaves and anita asks him tat later pleases bring back my rajaram and he leaves
Anguri is sitting in her hall and crying and comes in vibhuti and asks her y is she crying and she tells tat she made tiwaris favorite muli ka parathas but he shouted at her loudly she is not understanding wat to do and vibhuti says tat this anger of tiwari needs to be tackeled smartly and then anita is sitting in her garden outside house and tiwari comes back from work and asks her how is she and she says she is fine and how r u and he replies I m good and anita says no she heard u were shouting at the simple lady anguri I never expected this from u and tiwari says these days even he is not understanding y is he getting so angry and vibhuti comes says to tiwari tat u r a bad person how dare u shout at anguri so much and tiwari gets very angry and anita asks him to cool down and then she observes tiwari and asks him if gets angry on everyone and he says yes and she then says tat u don t get angry on me and tiwari says yes I don t get angry on u and then anita gives him a tip I,e a therapy to control anger tat wenever he gets angry just has to imagine tat I am around him and tiwari leaves
Tiwari reaches hime and calls anguri she comes and tiwari says sorry to her for getting angry on her in morning and says I love u and anguri laughs at it and tiwari again gets very angry and shouts at her wat was there to laugh and he then sees i.e imagines anita is around and he then starts smiling and says sorry to anguri for shouting and asks her to bring tea and she goes in and brings tea for her and tiwari asks y r u so frighten and she says tat she is scared tat u might again get angry at something and he says no I will not and says I love u to her and asks her to bring biscuits for her and she goes in and comes in vibhuti and he takes the cup of tea from tiwaris hand and tries teasing him and making him angry tiwari starts getting angry but then imagines anita around and keeps his calm and vibhuti is teasing him tat I drank ur tea and anguri listens this and gets angry on him and says tat she didn t expect this from u and gets angry vibhuti tries telling her but doesnot listens to him and gets angry and goes in and then in kitchen vibhuti tells anguri tat this anitas idea of anger therapy tat vibhuti will make tiwari angry and he has to control it and says u can ask anita if u have doubt and then anguri says sorry as she didn t knew and then vibhuti tells her tat now u have to love me and anguri shots wat are u saying and vibhuti says this is an act just to make tiwari angry.

Vibhuti asks anguri to says I love u to him and tiwari is standing in between them and is getting very angry and vibhuti again asks anguri to says I love u too she say I love and tiwari gets so angry tat he catches vibhutis neck in anger.

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