Baal Veer Daityaani Paris vicious plan to create trouble for Baalveer – Written Update

SAB TV’s fantastical TV show Baal Veer (Optimystix Productions) has become interesting watch with the entry of Daityaani Pari.

As we all know Daityaani is played by Reshmi Ghosh as evil Pari who has come to Parilok to destroy Baalveer.

In the coming episodes, Daityaani Pari will give medicines to Tauba Tauba which can transform any person you imagine off.

Incidentally, Baalveer (Dev Joshi) will drink that medicine and change into someone different. Everybody in Parilok will not be able to recognize and believe him and would try to kill him.

However Baalveer will save his life and would make everyone understand that it is a trap that Daityaani Pari has planted against him.

Hence to get his identity back, Baalveer will go to Daityaani Lok to fight with Daityaani Pari.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

We buzzed Reshmi who said, “I am not aware about the entire track.”

Watch this particular sequence in coming days.

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