Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saurabh saying he was checking for few things as its Yuvraaj s birthday tomorrow. Suhani gets surprised. Saurabh says last time we celebrated in five star hotel and this time… Dadi says we can t do this and need some responsible man. Suhani says yes, you are right. Menka jokes on her. Suhani says we need some expert like Dada ji, who can help us in knowing about creams. Pratima says she knows someone and Suhani asks the address.

Soumya tells Krishna and Murali that Rakhi is not any Devi, but a bad evil soul. She says we can t send Rakhi like this, we have to make her free of this spirit, tell me what to do before Lalita and Rakhi come back home. She thinks she has to end this superstition by superstition. The old man comes to help Birlas and says I m glad to help and regret to see this day. Suhani says time can change, we have to work hard. She shows her creams and takes his opinion. He says it does not have good smell, there are many things missing in this, which your Dada ji used to add. Yuvraaj asks how can he tell this by seeing and smelling.

The man says you are new, when you know this, you can also tell, I will make a list, we will make this at home. Yuvraaj says we don t have money to get items. Pratima says safe… Suhani says I have money, I will get items from it. Rags asks how did you get money. Suhani says I have savings from my presentation. Dadi asks her to show. Suhani says she can see it, its in her room, she can ask Ramesh too, I gave him salary from it. Ramesh says yes, but I returned it. Saurabh thanks him. Ramesh says Suhani regards me brother, and you also did not make me feel stranger. Suhani says you are very good person, thanks.

Rakhi comes home and Soumya tackles her. The man gives the lost to Suhani. Suhani reads the items. Yuvraaj reads the names well and Sharad says he was science student. She says you are very smart, why did you not become doctor. They have a casual talk and smile. The man says they have mix items and see is this cream faulty and which is the one thing which is faulty out of three. Suhani says she will get the items. Soumya says Rakhi has an evil spirit. Rakhi says she is not an evil spirit and does Devi acting.

Rakhi curses Lalita and Soumya says Mata never curses devotees, she always blesses us. Lalita agrees. Soumya says we will beat her a lot so that the spirit does not come in her again. Krishna asks her to beat. Soumya asks Rakhi to admit her truth. She starts beating Rakhi. Pratima takes the money from the safe in store room and goes out. Pratima gives the money to Suhani. Menka sees the money and smiles. Soumya says now we have to put sand on her. Lalita says yes, put it. Rakhi says no. Soumya puts muddy water on her. Lalita asks her to put more.

Soumya says Baba said we should hurt her with the needle when the spirit is coming out. Rakhi is stunned seeing the big sharp needle. Suhani bumps into Ramesh and the purse falls. Menka takes the money. She shows it to Rags and they see same notes. Rakhi tells everyone that she did acting of Devi, there is no spirit, she will not go to Radhe s house, it is very small. Everyone start scolding her. Soumya says she has to marry Radhe, as she loves him. Rakhi says fine, I m ready for this marriage. Krishna and Murali thank Soumya for exposing Rakhi. Lalita scolds Rakhi for being foolish and they had to bend infront of Soumya.

The man says items are fine, now we will make the cream, and check. Rags and Menka show the notes to Dadi. Dadi says its our notes, I knew Suhani had the safe. Menka says she has seen the safe. Rags argues. Dadi scolds both of them and says no one can make me lose. She says how did she get money. Menka says Pratima got this money from saferoom.

Dadi, Rags and Menka go to the store room to locate the safe.

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