Shastri Sisters 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Alka stopping Astha from forcing Rohan to fill her maang. The sindoor box falls and Astha scolds her. Alka says she will get new box for her and takes her. Sareen scolds someone on phone and jokes on Minty. Anu comes for the rituals and smiles seeing Rajat. Neil smiles seeing Devyaani. Ajay comes there dressed as waiter and bumps into Kajal. He blocks her way. She asks him to go outside. He says he has work here, and shows his face. Dolly says its good Minty, you participate in Anu s function, but who will remove her bangles.

She says groom s sister should do this, but you have two sons. Minty says I will do the ritual. Dolly says you are elder to become Rajat and Neil s sister, make Kajal do the ritual. Anu says Devyaani can do the ritual, instead Kajal as she is not here. Sareen says yes, as your wish. Devyaani agrees and goes to Anu. Kajal comes and Minty asks her to come. Minty asks Devyaani to move, Kajal will do the ritual. Sareen says but Devyaani. Minty says they have to follow rituals.

Kajal acts sweet and says she is very happy. Kajal does the rituals. Minty asks Anu to keep the bangles safe. Kajal says she is happy that they gave her this chance. Devyaani tells how her problem got solved and Neil smiles. Kajal asks Ajay to go to hotel. He asks her to give the rent. She asks him to wait, she will get the cheque. She gives Rs 1 lakh cheque. He says fine, give me more money later. She asks him to go. He asks her to come along. She makes him leave. Anu stops him and says I want water.

He gives her the water and she says thanks. She stops him and tries to see his face. Anu says I feel I have seen you somewhere. She turns and Ajay goes. Rajat asks Anu to have food with everyone. Dolly says her necklace looks good, where did it come from, Minty did not give her anything. Minty says it does not mean I can t give later. Dolly asks Minty to chill.

She says its so bright than gold. She asks Anu to get it checked, Minty can give fake one too. Kajal gets tensed. Anu says no, its real, Rajat, Minty and I went along to take this. Dolly says fine, I felt its very bright and shining, I don t care its real or fake. Kajal tells Leela that Anu can doubt about jewelry. Anu comes to room and recalls about Dolly s words.

Anu calls a jewelry at home to polish few jewelries. Kajal hears this and gets shocked. Alka waits for Rohan and says what to do, Rohan is stuck inside the room with Astha, what to do. Rohan comes out and she asks how is Astha. Rohan says I don t know, she slept by much difficulty, I don t feel this right to say I m her husband and keep her mistaken, its wrong. She says its good to take care of ill people, manage this for few days, for my sake. Rohan says she always solves all the problems by her sweet talk. Astha comes and shouts Alka seeing her holding Rohan s hand. Alka leaves Rohan s hand. She walks to Alka angrily and slaps her. Rohan says Bhabhi… Astha says one min Sunil.

Time change to 6.30pm.

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