Razia Sultan 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Yaldos expressing his desire to marry Razia in front of Althunia and whole family. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Nasir asks Yaldos if he is serious. Yaldos says Razia herself agreed to marry him in Ghazni, so he came here to Delhi with her. Shamshad gets happy and tells Qutub that Razia is lucky to marry Yaldos. Yaldos says he is lucky instead to marry a daring and brave girl like Razia. Razia sadly walks from the hall. Shamshad says she got shy.

Razia sadly walks towards her room. Fathima tells her that mirza Althunia is waiting for him. Althunia in Razia’s room praises himself and thinks if Razia accepts him, he is lucky, if she does not, it is his fate.

Razia enters her room. Althunia gets happy and nervous seeing her and stammers while speaking. Razia listens to him senselessly. He apologizes her if she felt bad and asks her to speak. She says princess behaves with stranger like this. He says he is not stranger and she is not princess for him. Razia starts misbehaving with him and says he is hippie and does not have any place to stay or work. He sells his talent for mone. Athunia tries to convince her, but she calls soldiers. Mirza is shocked and devastated.

Precap: Turkan and her son wear burqa to hatch their plan. Althunia tells his friend Daru that he needs answer from Razia and beats soldiers..

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