Jamai Raja 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Shiv telling they will play dumb charades as DD likes it. Sid says his brain is also running like a computer like him. Yash goes and informs DD to come out.

Simran and Kritika silently enter Raj’s room to steal file. Kritika hides under table. Raj goes near table, but Simran stops him and asks why is he ignoring her. He asks her to forget the past and get out of room. During their conversation, Kritika runs and clashes with Biji. Simran and Raj rush to pick Biji, while kritika tells she was hungry so was walking towards kitchen, but clashed with her. She hides file and leaves. Biji thinks this mother-daughter duo is up to something.

Shiv and whole family along with Sid and wait for DD. DD comes panicking and says she saw cockroaches in her room, shouts at Kesar to call pest control. She asks Sid his mom why could not clean house. He says he when he is here, no fear. He goes into her room, comes back and says since everyone are around, they will play dumb charades. He divides 2 teams and naani becomes judge.

Whole family plays dumb charades happily with everyone’s turn. When Shiv’s turn comes he signs DD, but she walks out crying. Sid stops her, but she asks why is he making her life hell and gets into her room. Tearful Shiv hears that. Sid says he is the mastermind of this game and within 1 week he will play it with full power and finish it. Shiv smiles and approves.

Precap: Shiv tells DD that her perfume is good. Sid over phone directs him to tell something else.

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