Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The episode begins with, kabir turns to viraj and says I don t have to try to be close to nisha bcoz nisha is close to me get police station kabir is tied up in jail,kabir says I wont run away plz untie me,and u cant do this to me I need a lawyer,police slaps kabir and asks him to be quite.dolly tells dadaji and others in house that sumit is innocent,leela and roopan get very happy,dolly says I was wrong and leaves crying.sumit outside the hosp with nishas mobile,he destroys nishas mobile and starts laughing.
Kabir is being torched and asked where are other jwellery.nisha starts getting conscious,ramesh calls doc,viraj is there too,police ask viraj to come to a side, doc goes to check nisha,virendra and suku are very happy,virendra informs gangwals house that nisha is back to conscious, nisha asks where is kabir mom, laxmi doesn t answer, nisha says say something where is kabir,laxmi says nisha take rest not now,nisha says papa where is kabir,doc says nisha calm down, nisha says suku where is kabir, virendra says kabir isn t here,nisha tries to get up,virendra says no use kabir is in jail,nisha says papa kabir isn t at fault he did nothing sumit jiju shd be in jail he pushed me down and jwellery bag was with sumit he is a culprit, he did this and not kabir.
Leela goes hosp,sumit asks mom is nisha conscious,leela says why but,sumit says nisha will tell truth mom,leela says oh god.virendra says nisha sumit saved ur life and ur blaming him,its kabir who did,nisha says mom ,laxmi says nisha sumit saved ur life,nisha says mom even u think kabir is at fault,listen everyone kabir did nothing,virendra says then why did he surrender,he has accepted all the blames and u instead of thanking sumit u are blaming him today u are alive bcoz of sumit, suku says uncle plz she just got conscious,virendra says then she shd think before she speaks,nisha says no no sumit shd be in jail n not kabir.
Sumit is being informed abt nisha,sumit and leela go to nisha and start acting they are very happy,nisha ignores them,leela says wow I am so happy to see nisha good and my son saved her I am very proud of him,nisha says u shd be ashamed of him,leela says u shd be thankful to sumit but,virendra says nisha,nisha says uncle plz I have proof where is my phone,laxmi and suku try to calm her down,doc asks nisha to calm down,ramesh say nisha calm down,virendra takes laxmi and ramesh and suku with him,sumit says nisha I pitty u,I told u don t mess with me and see and ur proof I destroyed it,leela smiles,sumit says yes ur phone is no more I broke it,poor thing this was deal with kabir I will give u blood and he will take all blames,leela says so better be quite after all u are blood related with sumit,virendra enters,leela says oh my child get well soon,and virendra ji we shall leave now,all leave,laxmi and ramesh enter.
Kabir is in jail, he asks what is the time,police says its 8,kabir smiles and says nisha must be conscious now.ramesh asks nisha what is in ur phone,laxmi says don t worry nisha all will be fine and say something,nisha says nothing Is left,laxmi says don t lose hope nisha and I know all will be fine,laxmi goes out.dadi and dadaji pray to god for nishas health,dadi thanks god for saving nisha,dadi asks dadaji why is she still tensed,dadaji says I don t know what to say I faced so many situation but this one I never thought abt it,I am happy for nisha but around her there is lot of hardship which is troubling me a lot, dadi says it s a sign that all will be fine see nisha is alright and I trust god and nisha she will bring everything to fine,roopan and leela enter and roopan says I agree with u after all that thief kabir is caught and sumit saved our nishu,leela says my sumit always cares for others, dadaji says I am always thankful to sumit,dadaji and dadi leave.
Ramesh is called by doc,he leaves, nisha is thinking abt kabir,she finds a letter bellow her pillow, she removes it and reads it,kabir says nisha don t lose hope, I think we were together just till here take care nisha.

PRECAP;laxmi goes to nishas room and finds she is missing,laxmi calls ramesh and tells him nisha is missing,nisha hiding there says sorry mom but I have to help kabir

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