Manmarziyan 21st May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun shutting the lights and Radhika getting tensed in darkness. Neil and Sam break the ice by their arguments. He says Arjun is like pineapple and her taste is bad, and says he is like apple. She says she likes pineapple. He takes it and says she is orange, rough from outside and sweet from within, and he is apple, soft, and he wants to mix them with pineapple. She says relax, such combos look good themselves and nothing can come in between. He hugs her. Manmarziyan……………plays………….. He says I missed you, I did not know it will be tough to be away for one day, sorry, I was angry.

He says will pineapple come between our friendship? She says no, Arjun can know my life story, but its made with you, which no one can change. He pulls her cheek. Radhika looks for the candles. Arjun comes inside and sees her back. He brings a bouquet for her and shuts the door. She turns and he catches her, and a glass falls. He says don t say anything, I was waiting for this moment since years, finally its here, she will not be able to leave him from now. He lifts her and is shocked seeing Radhika.

Radhika s has kumkum in her hands and it gets on his shirt. He asks what is she doing here. She says I… sorry, I m in my house. He says your house, this is Sam s house. She says Sam told me to stay here, your shirt… got spoiled. He says don t touch me, and scolds her. The lights come. Sam comes in and says fuse was blown. She is stunned seeing Arjun and Radhika. She asks what is he doing here.

Neil comes and sees them. Radhika says I was lighting diya and keeping kumkum. She slips and the kumkum falls on Arjun again. Sam and Neil look on stunned. Radhika says sorry, again….. Arjun looks on angrily. Neil says I felt its holi and smiles, happy holi Arjun. Sam stops him. Neil asks Radhika to move to side, and Arjun to move that way, to maintain distance else it will be holi again. Sam stops him saying again.

Neil jokes and says he has apple, orange and pineapple also, what is he, what juice will he have, and asks Sam. She laughs. Neil says it suits Arjun. Arjun says Samaira, where is your room. Sam says what way. Arjun leaves. Sam beats Neil and Neil jokes. Neil says lets make pineapple juice, its rotten. Sam sees the flowers and smiles.

Arjun gets angry and recalls his words. He removes his shirt and throws it. Sam holds it and says she did not know the date will be going to be in this house. He says thanks for saying someone else will be staying with you in this house. She says she did not get chance to say, she was homeless. He says will you keep anyone. Sam says she is sweet. He says he hates sweets. She asks really? He says yes. She says then what are you doing with me. He says I had plan to do something, but I have to change plan because of that foolish Radhika. She says you got after her, and holds his face.

She asks what was his plan with her. He says my shirt. She asks why does he want to cover up, he looks good shirtless, even she does not look bad. He asks her to see herself with someone else s sight. Neil says Arjun hurts, I told Sam. Radhika says I don t like Arjun, did I ask him to come here, he scolded me. Neil asks from which village is she, and asks her to use language which they understand. She make flour dough.

Sam removes her jacket and smiles. She says she won t come in his hand so easily, she is not sweet like Radhika, she is salt and can become poison if he takes more, and asks him to take his shirt. Neil makes the juice and says he also does not like Arjun, its hurts in throat, but I have to drink it, you too have it, then lets give it to Arjun, he will not know this, you are sweet, have it, I will go and give it.

She says you are not going there. He says why, nothing will happen. Arjun gets close to Sam and flirts. He says when salt is taken in limit, it becomes medicine. They have an eyelock. He takes her close to kiss and Neil knocks the door, saying juice is ready. Arjun says your bodyguard came, I m going. Sam asks him to stay, all her friends are here and insists. He says with him? She says with me. Arjun nods and says okay.

Neil asks them to come out and have it soon, it will get bad. Arjun opens the door and Neil says wow, good design Radhika. Arjun asks does this have salt, salt should be added in it, extra sweet spoils health. Tejh, Zubin and Kritika come and greet Arjun. Neil says I hope Arjun is staying, we are working on your campaign, Maybelline new York. Arjun says yes, get to work. Sam smiles.

They sit to work and Radhika cooks with Neil. Arjun stares at Sam and walks to her. Neil comes in between and gives her juice glass. Arjun sits back. Radhika says halwa and Aloo puri are ready. Neil says not bad, I did not expect this from you. Radhika says mum says sweets should be eaten before starting new work, then work will be done well. Arjun asks those who don t eat, their work is not done good? Radhika says work will be done well, but those people are not good. Everyone look on.

Arjun asks Radhika what did she find about him. She says there is something that stops him from holding happiness. Arjun gets angry. Radhika asks Sam about her brother. Sam tells her about Jai and Piyali, the problems after his death and cries.

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