Swaragini 21st May 2015 Written Episode

Sanskar slaps Laksh. Laksh is shocked. Ragini gets beautifully dressed for her engagement with Laksh. Sumi takes out evil eye off her. Dadi taunts Sumi. Swara is tensed. Dadi asks her to come and asks Swara to talk to Utara about shagun thing. She goes. Sumi asks Ragini to come. Ragini tells that her pin is opened. Sumi sets it rights. Ragini gets emotional and says she was missing her mum, but now she is happy. Laksh says you don t love Ragini. I will inform everyone that you loves Swara. He rushes out to inform everyone. Laksh follows Sanskar. Swara is tensed. Ragini is brought for engagement by Sumi. Laksh tells Sanskar that he is not sending Ragini anywhere. Sanskar says if Ragini doesn t stay in this house, then I will jump from here. Laksh says we will sit and talk. Sanskar asks him to marry Ragini else…..Laksh agrees to marry Ragini and says she will stay in this house. Swara hears him. Everyone see Laksh and Sanskar talking and asks what is the matter? Sanskar says Laksh is saying that he loves Ragini and will marry her. He asks will you leave her. Laksh says no as she is my to be wife. Swara hears him. Utara comes. Swara asks her about shagun things. Utara says it is kept downstairs. Swara goes out. Laksh follows her.

Swara says Ragini is not a toy. She says you agreed to marry her for Sanskar. Laksh says everything is confused. Swara says you agreed to fulfill your brother s wish. My sister is not a toy. Laksh says he is not doing intentionally. He says Sanskar was on the railing. Swara says you are the most selfish person I have ever met.

Annapurna tells Ragini that Laksh was shouting that he wants to marry her. Sujata says their jodi is made in heaven. Laksh says nobody cares about my happiness. He says if all these problems are happening because of me, then I will leave. Swara says enough and leave. Laksh stands on the middle of road and says he wants to see her before closing her eyes. Swara turns and sees truck fast moving towards him. She asks him to move away and not act like mad. Ragini asks where is Swara. Sumi says she will call her. Annapurna says Sanskar is very happy. Swara runs and saves Laksh from being killed. She asks are you mad? Laksh says yes, for you. He says I need your trust for living. He asks her to promise not to think him wrong. Swara turns and sees Sumi standing.

Dida talks to Shekhar on phone. Shekhar informs her about Ragini s engagement. Dadi hears him talking. Dida says she will attend Ragini s marriage. Shekhar turns and sees Dadi hearing him. Dadi says you hates me. Shekhar says I loves you very much even now.

Sumi asks what you are doing here? Laksh says he wants to say something. He says he agreed to marry Ragini as Sanskar cuts his wrist and he didn t have any other option. Sumi is shocked. Ragini is in the room. Sujata asks her to bring Ragini soon. Sanskar comes and looks at Ragini. He looks at her clothes. Utara says bride wears heavy clothes. Ragini says you are not less than a God for us. She says you brought happiness in our life. Sanskar says I brought troubles for you all. Ragini asks him not to say that. Utara takes Ragini for the ritual. Sumi asks how can you say that. Laksh says if I get engaged to Ragini then it will be a sin. Sumi says Ragini is waiting for you and happy. Swara cries. Sumi says she keeps everyone happy. She asks why you don t want to marry Ragini. She will keep you happy. Laksh keeps his head down. Sumi asks do you love someone else. Laksh signs yes. Sumi is shocked.

Sanskar talks to Kunal and asks him to increase the bid to get the deal. Sujata hears him and hits her head on the wall. Sanskar confesses to her that he is not mad. Sujata is shocked.

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