It is a dramatic end to Mooh Boli Shadi – Written Update

Sony TV’s Mooh Boli Shadi (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions) has reached its end and the show will have a dramatic conclusion to it. So far, the show has kept the audience quite entertained but the channel has plucked the chord.

The love tale of Anmol and Nikhil is yet to be accepted by Tiwari and Singh family. Tellybuzz brings to you the track detail of how the show is going to end.

“Audience in the coming episode will see Singh and Tiwari family will come to know about Anmol (Zalak Desai) and Nikhil’s (Fahad Ali) wedding. This will make Ashok Tiwari (Darshan Jariwala) furious and he will ask Nikhil and Anmol to leave from his house. On the contrary, Ratan Singh (Bobby Parvez) wants his daughter Anmol to be safe and happy and thus approaches Tiwari and convinces him to let Nikhil and Anmol in the house. Anmol finally comes home but she gets baffled seeing the household chores and the hardship she has to face to finish each work with accuracy. Eventually, she gets used to it and everyone in the family also starts accepting Anmol as their daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, this time Akhil will (Meghan Jadhav) become a hurdle for Anmol. He indirectly does certain things to put her down in front of everyone”, shares our source.

Further our source adds, “Tiwari family is looking out for a perfect match for Seema and that is when Anmol quips that Seema should marry her brother Pratap. Tiwari’s and Singh’s both mutually agree to this and happily start the preps for their engagement. This is when Pratap comes into the frame and tells that he never committed to marrying Seema. This leads to another major fight between the Tiwari and Singh. Finally, Nikhil and Anmol plan to sneak out of the house which makes the Tiwari family realize that they are nothing without Anmol and Nikhil. After a couple of hours the couple returns back to see whether thay realized their mistake or not. And yes, this is how the story of Nikhil and Anmol ends.”

Hmm!! Now this is some drama!

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