The first thing I notice in a girl is her genuineness and her personalit – Written Update

Handsome actor Ravjeet Singh, who is currently seen on Zee TV’s Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi is on the hot seat of our Eligible bachelor column for today. Read on to know more about his idea of a perfect proposal, his dream girl and many more…

Are you seeing someone?

No, at the moment.

What is the first thing you notice in a girl?

The first thing I notice in a girl is her genuineness and her personality.

What’s the one thing that puts you off the most in a girl?

Not only girls but anyone who lies for no reason and tries to be fake puts me off.

What would your ideal date be?

A nice dinner and after that a long drive.

Which gift would you prefer?

Well a gift is a gift so I don’t expect anything from anyone whatever I will get will accept whole heartedly.

Do you believe in blind dates?

Just for a heck of it, why not. (Laugh)

If you could mix a Hollywood actor and a Bollywood actor to create your dream girl, then who would you choose?

I would choose Deepika Padukone from Bollywood and Charlize Theron from Hollywood.

Your idea of a perfect proposal?

Anything which is unexpected, for instance, proposing her in the middle of the crowd. If I will propose any girl, then probably I would call dholwalas and will propose her on the tune of dhol beats.

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