Spoiler Alert Poonam to marry Priyom in Begu Saria – Written Update

Audience of & TV’s Begu Sarai are constantly hooked to their television sets. This newly launched show has already grabbed the eyeballs of the viewer. So far, Amma ji (Sulbha Arya) has ordered Priyom (Sartaj Gill) to work and get 100 rupees and only then he can have food and sleep in the house. Further to the show-

Lakhan burns the family

Well, what exactly happens is Lakhan (Vishal Aaditya Singh) comes to know that a family is supposed to come with a wedding proposal for Poonam (Shivangi Joshi). Poonam and her parents are under impression that the family will come the following day for the wedding proposal. But they are unaware of the fact that Lakhan out of anger has burnt the entire family.

Lakhan against Priyom

Priyom gets to know about the entire truth and the two enter into a huge fight. Amidst the fight, Lakhan gets so furious and outrageous that he is about to kill Priyom with a gun. On seeing this, Poonam comes as a saviour to Priyom.

Priyom to marry Poonam

Post this incident, Phulan Thakur (Narendra Jha) orders in front of everyone that since Lakhan is becoming a hurdle for Poonam’s marriage, he fixes her marriage with Priyom. While Poonam is happy that she will be marrying a person that she loves, she is also unhappy that Priyom has always seen her as a friend and nothing more than that.

Now this is very very interesting that is coming up!

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