Razia to seperate from Altunia on Razia Sultan – Written Update

Swastik Productions’ popular historical series Razia Sultan on &TV is enthralling viewers by amazing concept and storyline. The show focuses on the life of Razia (Pankhuri Awasthi) and her struggle in becoming Razia Sultan.

Earlier we reported about Yaldoz demanding Razia to marry him. Well we are back with further developments from the show.

In the upcoming tracks of the show, the viewers will witness the separation of Razia and Althunia (Rohit Purohit). Under the pressure of marrying Yaldoz, Razia will pretend to Althunia that she doesn’t love her and he misunderstood their relationship. She will tell Althunia to stay away from her life and will humiliate him in order to keep him away from the worries.

Will Althunia let Razia to marry Yaldoz?

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