Manmarziyan 23rd May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Piyali blaming Sam for Jai’s death and calling her a murderer. She says she is helpless seeing her, as she has killed her, she should have died instead of him, she hates Sam. Sam cries. Jitne the apne…………..plays……….. Sam tells Radhika that she told her that mum hates me, I should have not gone to her, I should have died. Everyone look at her. Sam says it was my mistake, I killed Jai. Neil holds her. Sam repeats her words and cries. Neil holds her and asks her to come with her. He hugs her and asks her to calm down.

He takes her to his cabin and consoles her. Sam locks herself and everyone work for her. Radhika asks Piyali to talk to Sam. Piyali asks her to work, and not do drama in office. Radhika asks Sam to open the door and sees Sam shattered. Neil worries and says insurance company is selling insurance, I have to crack its idea. Radhika asks how can he leave Sam alone. He says no one can go to her, just let her be.

Radhika asks her can he see her like this. Neil asks everyone to focus on work. Radhika says the pain which got Sam here will make her go ahead, she has an idea to lessen her pain and sees Jai’s pic. Neil asks does she know who is he. Radhika says Sam’s brother Jai, the pain which broke Sam and Piyali. Neil asks do you know what can happen, she did not talk to me till now about him. Radhika says we have to do something. She says she told Sam to talk to Piyali, if she leaves Sam alone, it will be hard to bring out from darkness.

Radhika tells how her mum told Sam that she will be responsible for me, I can’t leave her being afraid that I will lose job, Sam is my responsibility and my job is not imp than her. Neil says there is nothing imp than Sam. They hold hands. Zubin says for us, job is not imp, Sam is imp, find a job for us too where you find for yourself, I m in and join hands. Neil asks whats the plan. Radhika says the pain which breaks, that pain joins too. Bonnie looks on.

Arjun sees Sam crying. Bonnie comes to him and sees him looking at Sam. She says what will you ruin her, Piyali did the work, and all idiots are making presentation for her, all of them will lose their jobs. Arjun looks at Radhika and asks why. Bonnie says Radhika is using nonsense philosophy and says her lines. Arjun says the same line. Bonnie says exactly, how do you know. He says he did phd in pain and knows all medicines for pain, he will not let that medicine reach Sam.

Arjun goes to Sam and asks her to open the door. Sam asks him to go. Arjun says why would I come if I had to go, listen to me, open the door. Sam cries and says all doors are shut now. He asks why did she go to open the door, the string that breaks does not join again, come with me, I don’t want anyone to see your lost like this, come on. Sam says nothing can change. He says he will take her very far, don’t close door of life for me, please. She looks at him and cries.

Neil says it will work, its very good. Radhika says we have to get Sam and Piyali in conference room together, else this presentation will not work. Neil says don’t worry, its my duty, I will get her even if I have to break that door. Kritika shows Sam going with Arjun. They all rush to stop her. Arjun says he will get car keys, and then they will go somewhere far, where there will be no tears and pains. He asks will she come. She nods. Radhika says Sam. Sam signs her to stop.

Neil wipes Sam’s tears and hugs her. Arjun scolds Radhika and says he can do anything to stop Sam from reaching conference room and hurts her.

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