Balika Vadhu 23rd May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Kamli and Gopal hiding in the bus while the goons search for them. They think the bus is empty without passengers and get down. Kamli and Gopal take a sign of relief. The goons inform Akhiraj that they couldn’t search them. He says they are not here. Kundan tells that Kailash might not have told the truth. He says he will beat him and get the truth known. Akhiraj asks him to find them. Akhiraj gets Panditji’s call. He says he remember and someone will come from their house. Akhiraj calls Harki and asks her to go to temple for aarti. Harki says she can’t do. Akhiraj says we have done the aarti since 4 years, if this sankalp/promise breaks then Devi might get angry. Disa says she will go with Nimboli, if he permits her. Akhiraj agrees. Nimboli thanks God and says I am coming to your temple to thank you.

Shivam and Anandi come back home. Abhi calls Anandi and asks her to give call to Shivam. Shivam tells him that he had dinner at Sarita’s house. Abhi says Anandi maasi hide about your sister Nandini from us. Abhi says Mannu told him about Nandini. Shivam says Anandi told him. Abhi asks Shivam to find Nandini and he will get company to play else you will get alone. Shivam gets sad.

Gopal and Kamli are in the tractor and have taken lift. Gopal asks Kamli not to worry. Anandi comes to her bedroom and sees Shivam seeing Nandini’s pic. Anandi asks why you didn’t sleep. Shivam says he is thinking about Nandini. Anandi says she has a surprise to cheer him up. She says we are going to mela tomorrow, beside the temple. Shivam gets happy and misses Nandini.

Gopal and Kamli come to the fort. Kamli gets worried. Gopal asks her not to worry. Kamli says she is scared. Gopal says when I am here, then why to worry. They see the goons sitting there and hides. The goons leave from the place in the jeep. Kamli and Gopal get relaxed. Gopal says they are good people. He talks about getting intimate with her. Kamli refuses and runs. They fall on the grass. Tere Naam Ishq plays…………..They have an eye lock. They lie beside each other and stare at the sky. Gopal says he can live all his life like this. Kamli says her happiness doubles with him. She gets sad thinking about eloping from home. She says she didn’t want it. Gopal says they don’t have any option left. He says I want you to be happy. He says our parents might accept us in the future. Kamli says don’t know, but I will wait for that day. She gets sad. He tries to kiss her, but moves away. He says we can’t do that. It is wrong before marriage. He says if we did this, then it will be an insult to our love. Kamli thinks she is very lucky.

Ganga goes to see the patient. She is shocked to see Ratan Singh battling with his life. Ratan Singh sees her as well. Ganga recalls Ratan Singh’s tortures. Ratan Singh’s mum is shocked as well. Ratan Singh takes her name. Ganga says every patient is same for her. She asks them to believe on her. Ratan Singh says I trusts you fully. Ganga asks the nurse to take him inside.

Akhiraj beats Kailash and asks him to call Gopal. He calls Gopal. Gopal apologizes to him and says he couldn’t leave his bike in some village. Kailash asks ok, take care. Akhiraj signs him to ask about their whereabouts. Kailash doesn’t ask him, but Gopal tells him that they are going to temple. He says they will not halt anywhere before reaching Jaipur. The phone gets disconnected. Akhiraj beats him and tells Kundan that he will go and kill them. He says Devi maa might want him to kill them infront of her. Kundan and Akhiraj give killer look.

Disa and Nimboli see Kamli and Gopal in the mela. Nimboli calls Kamli and rushes to her. Kamli and Gopal are surprised. Kamli asks Disa about Akhiraj. Disa says only we have come here. Anandi comes to the same mela and sees Nimboli. Nimboli gets happy and hugs her. Akhiraj comes to the mela in search of Kamli and Gopal.

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