Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 23rd May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with pandit ji asking Indrajeet to give marriage invitation card in temple towards Lord. Indrajeet says why did he not tell before. Astha says we forgot and did a mistake, what will we do now. The pandit asks them to put the last invitation card as first and apologize to Lord. Indrajeet and Astha agree and go to the temple. Apsara wishes that Astha and Shlok unite, as he loves her a lot. Indrajeet and Astha come to the temple and pray to Lord by keeping the invitation card.


The card catches fire and she is shocked. She tells this to pandit ji and he blows off the fire. An old lady says its very bad sign. Astha looks at the Lord idol.

Indrajeet says there is no such bad sign, I don’t believe this. She says but I believe so, I came to give Prasad for my kids, and to give this card, what shall we do now. The pandit says if she has any fear or doubt in her heart, then she can visit the mountain temple Mata and give a chunri there, her all wishes will be fulfilled. Indrajeet asks her not to do so, they have temple at home, they can put the chunri at home, Lord is everywhere.

Sojal talks to Shlok and asks shall I talk to Kalindi. He says no, no use to talk to her, she holds everyone responsible for her state. Surbhi comes and says now he can meet Astha daily, as they will be together. Shlok asks what is she saying. She says I studied Astha’s case and similar case too, and that patient’s blood clot went away and her memory came back, be positive and keep trying Astha will also get her memory back. Sojal says the same.


Apsara hears Astha tells Indrajeet that she will go to Mata’s temple. He asks her to go. She says whats problem to thank Lord for kids’s good marks, I m not doing this for card. He says he has work, he should have not called the pandit, its his mistake. She says fine, I will not force you to come, but I will go there. He says why is she getting agitated.


Apsara calls Shlok to inform him and says she has good news for him. He asks what news. She says about Astha going to Mata temple where every wish is fulfilled, she is going alone, Indrajeet is not going with her. He says thanks, you did a big work for me, I will not forget this. She says she is doing this for her happiness to unite them. He says i can understand, thanks, I will also go with Astha to present the chunri in temple.


Indrajeet’s Bua comes to meet him and he wonders from where did she come suddenly. He welcomes her and gets worried that she will meet Barkha. The kids ask Astha to play with them. She plays with them. Indrajeet talks to his Bua and she says she came to meet him, as her flight was delayed and how are the kids. He says they are fine. She says it will be tough to raise them without kids. She says she heard a girl stays here. He says its nothing like that, kids are playing in room, you meet later. Astha comes there and Bua ji sees her. She says she will leave, and goes.


Astha asks who was she. Indrajeet says she came from charitable institution asking for donation. He gets a call and goes. She says he helps everyone. The kids play with her.


Astha starts leaving for temple and asks Indrajeet will he come. He says no, I told you there is nothing like bad shagun, why are you going. She says she is going as she had mannat for kids, I m going. He asks her not to go, why don’t you go something constructive. She says you are stopping me from going to temple. He says yes, I don’t want you to go anywhere, I don’t want any arguments, I m going office, I will see you later. She says she will go, and he can’t stop her. Apsara gets glad and thinks to inform Shlok that Astha is leaving. She calls Shlok and he asks did Astha leave. Apsara says yes, all the best. He says he will give whatever Astha wants and smiles.


He waits for her near the temple and sees her. Shlok meets Astha. Sojal prays for Shlok and Astha, and cries. She talks to Surbhi and worries if Astha does not get her memory back. Surbhi says trust me, they will be together soon.



The kids talk to their friends. The boy invite Shantanu and Mishti and ask did their mum celebrate their birthdays. Mishti gets angry and says they used to celebrate it very special. The boys leave as their mums are waiting. Astha slips and Shlok holds her, and they have an eyelock. Music plays………………


He says if she fell, she would have died. She says sorry. He says he did friendship, so he has to keep it, and she is heavy. She says she is not heavy, why did he make this body. He says I m born for this. She says how rude, go your way. He says he is her friend, not a stranger, he can do this for her. She smiles. Khuda……………….plays……………….

Astha and Shlok pray in the temple and the pandit ji covers them with the chunri. Khuda………………plays……….. They look at each other being stunned.


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