Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Subbu saying who will doubt on me, plane crash was not fake. Sujata says Ishita is very smart and you have to be careful, its hard to hide truth from her. Mrs. Bhalla shows some necklaces and jewelry to Simmi, and asks her to try some new hairstyle. Simmi says this won’t look in second marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says life will be getting a new start, no need to have boundaries. Simmi says what will people think, I m a kid’s mum and doing all this. Mrs. Bhalla says so what, don’t you have heart, even I m a mum, look at me. Rinki says Ishita is calling her and sends her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to call Subbu, he called her. Rinki says she will make Simmi ready.

Ishita asks Raman to bring her suitcase down, Raj and Simran will come any moments. Raman says this is my room. She holds the ladder and he gets up to get the suitcase. Ruhi comes and asks for her dress. Ishita asks her to get Neelu. She leaves the ladder and he falls on her. She says you don’t have balance. He asks is she fine. She says yes, are you hurt. He says if anything happened to you then.. She asks what. He shows concern. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………..plays……………… They have an eyelock. Ruhi calls her and she leaves.

Its morning, Raman makes Adi ready and talks on phone. Adi says Raman has to dance well today and asks did he do rehearsals. Raman says he never rehearses. Adi goes. Raj comes and sees Raman. Raman asks him to get ready. Raj says all rooms are busy. Raman holds him and Raj tries to get away. Raman says even he is troubled by Ishita, she gets ready for long time. He asks him to get ready here, whats the problem. Simran comes and says leave him, and takes Raj. Raman says they are very eager for suhaag raat.

Mrs. Bhalla says kids are looking good and asks them to stand at gate and do tilak to Subbu. Ruhi says she will do tilak. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to work and not be lazy. Romi says no work happens without me. Ishita asks Rinki to fiz gajra in Simmi’s hair and asks Mrs. Bhalla to check Subbu’s ring. She bumps into Raman and he smiles. He takes her to side. Raj and Simran come. Mihir asks about Raman. Raj asks why. Mihir says its personal, how to say you. Simran says see Mihir is so eager to meet him. Raj says don’t worry, Raman will dance with Ishita and I will get Mihir away from him.

Ishita asks Raman why did she get her to room. He shows mirror and asks whats this mark on the shoulder. She says your watch. He asks her to cover it. She says I did not notice. Mrs. Bhalla comes and he laughs. Ishita asks how do I look. Mrs. Bhalla says very pretty and asks her to come and see the jewelry. Raman teases her and she says I know you care for my respect more than me. He says I just care for tonight. She asks him to come and leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………

Ashok and Shagun are on the way. He asks is she ready. She says yes, everything is ready, I hope Adi agrees. Ashok says he will agree. She says I love my kids, Ruhi and Adi are imp. He asks her to save this drama for Adi, he knows she is doing this for revenge. She says drive fast, its already so late. The function starts and Mihir comes to Raman. He says he has imp work. Raj and Simran look on. Mihir and Raman act weird and go together. Simran says Raman does not have any shame, how are they doing this openly. Raj says I have seen them being alone.

Simran says poor Ishita, they are like that type, I will tell her that they are doing behind her back. He says its sensitive matter. Subbu comes with his family. Ruhi does his tilak and Bhallas welcome him. Subbu says I need to talk to Simmi. Raman says at this time… Subbu says yes, its something imp and Raman asks Rinki to take him to Simmi’s room. Ishita makes Simmi ready and teases her. Rinki brings Subbu and says he has to talk something in private. Ishita asks him to come and leaves from the room.

Subbu compliments Simmi and says he has to talk to her. He says after engagement, he has to immediately leave for London for Laxmi’s case. He says victim’s families did case on airlines, and court called us for the hearing, I hope you understand. She says ofcourse, I think you must go. Raj and Simran tell Ishita about Raman and Mihir. Raman and Mihir say are they mad. Ishita says its nothing like that. Raj says Romi said you were kissing him and you both go to corners. Raman says I was going to kiss Ishita and was practicing with Romi. He catches Romi and says you spoiled my name.

Raj says I thought this happens in big cities like Delhi. Romi says I did not do anything. Raman says say the truth. Romi runs. Ishita says even you will be beaten up now Raj. Shagun asks Ashok to go, she will convince Adi and bring him, this time she will snatch her kids from Ishita, the game is over. Raman asks Subbu to seek Tandon’s help if he needs, he stays in London. Rinki says Simmi has special surprise for Subbu. Mihir welcomes everyone. Subbu sits with Ananya. Mihir says tonight is retro night and Simmi has picked this song, and welcomes Simmi on the stage.

Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi dance on the song Kajra mohabbat wala………….. Everyone smile. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi fall laughing. The waiter asks Adi to come along and says your mum is waiting for him outside. Adi says mum here and gets thinking.

Romi and Mihika and Raman and Ishita dance on retro songs.

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