Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 26th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shlok asking Astha to come along to meet someone who misses Astha a lot. She agrees as he has helped her a lot. Avdhoot waits for Astha and Shlok. FB shows Shlok thanking Avdhoot for meeting him. He apologizes. Avdhoot says I m sorry for Kalindi’s doings, she is not bad at heart, she loves Astha a lot. Shlok says I know Aai well and no mum will like to see child unhappy. He says I will not lose and will try to get Astha till my last breath. Avdhoot says Bappa will support you. Shlok says I will bring Astha to meet you, you be careful that she is Barkha, not your daughter Astha. Avdhoot agrees. FB ends and Avdhoot thinks Shlok will keep his promise, he is sure of this.


He sees the chocolates and recalls Astha. Shantanu and Mishti have a talk. She asks him to hide Barkha’s pic else dad will take this. He says yes, I will hide this in cupboard, dad will not get this. They miss Barkha and she asks him to keep it in drawer, they can see it every night and say her good night too. He says fine, dad should not know this. Indrajeet waits for Astha and says why did Barkha not come till now, why did she go when I asked her not to go, why is her phone off, don’t know what to do.


He comes to the kids and Shantanu drops the pic. Indrajeet sees Barkha’s pic and picks it. He says you both miss your mum right. Shantanu says Sapna will become our mum after marriage, can we tell her about our real mum, she is very nice and will understand this. He says in reality, it does not happen as we think or plan, its good that they are wishing to share this with Sapna, but how will she feel, Barkha left us and if Sapna goes leaving us forever, she loves you both as her children like your Barkha mum, so I marrying her, once I marry her, she will be with us forever. He asks what do they want to do, will they not tell her. Shantanu says yes, I promise I won’t say. Indrajeet says I m so proud and hugs them.


Shlok brings Astha to meet Avdhoot. Avdhoot is shocked seeing her and gets emotional. Shlok says he is Astha’s dad. Avdhoot cries recalling her childhood. He promised her that he will never leave her. She greets him. Avdhoot hugs her and smiles. Astha says Baba…. He gets glad and Shlok looks on stunned. She asks can I call you Baba, I regret that your daughter is lost. Avdhoot gets sad. Shlok says I told you Baba that she is Barkha. Avdhoot says yes, and blesses her as Barkha. He gives her toffees saying my daughter liked this a lot. She leaves with Shlok. Avdhoot says Astha you did not remember me and met me as a stranger, Shlok will be always with you.




Indrajeet is restless and asks Apsara does she know Devi temple. She says no. He says once I marry Astha, she will be mine totally and she will learn to be happy with him and his kids. Shlok comes to Avdhoot and hugs him. Avdhoot thanks him for making him meet Astha, he is very happy. Shlok says it means a lot that you supported me. Avdhoot says I m proud to say Astha can’t get a better life partner than you, I m seeing how much you love her.

He says he will win and blesses her. Shlok says yes, I will not let Indrajeet snatch Astha from me. Astha comes home and Indrajeet asks her to stop. Apsara looks on. She asks why is he angry. He asks how did she come so late, he has always told her that she will not go alone, why did she go temple alone, like I have caged you, I m trying to keep you happy and fulfill every wish, you don’t care. She asks why is he overreacting, she values him, she went to temple and she can’t leave her devotion, how is he talking to her, will I need permission to say where will I go and why. He says its superstitions to go for any mannat.

She says its about her ethics and she will not be quiet, his reaction is making her helpless to think that Shlok understands her well than him. He gets angry. She says he has helped me in fulfilling my mannat, he supported me. He fumes. Avdhoot tells Shlok that if he needs him, he will come and help, Shlok proved that he is right, thank. He says I will try that Kalindi knows Indrajeet’s truth, take care, I will leave now. Indrajeet holds Astha and says so this is why you came so late, she was with Shlok, why did she take Shlok along if she went to fulfill mannat for kids. She says its hurting me, leave me. He leaves her and says I m sorry, please forgive me, when you take Shlok’s name, I get angry, I told you he is not good, I worry for you, sorry. She goes to her room. He gets angry on Shlok.

Indrajeet scolds Shlok for meeting Barkha and warns him to be away. Shlok says Astha is my wife, its her birthday in two days and challenges him to celebrate her birthday.

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