Sasuraal Simar Ka 26th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Guru ji says to rajveer baba ji come in room. maya comes out with sid. calendar says boss maya is here. Amar says we have to go from her as soon as possible. He gets a call from Prem. He takes his veil off. Prem saysMausi ji has ran away, I hope she doesn’t reach rajveer. Prem says is sid okay? amar says no sid is not okay. We can’t sid to bharadwaj house it wont be safe. Prem says okay.
simar asks people if they have seen rajveer. Simar asks prem what did happen? Sid is staring at calendar. Amar comes and asks calendar where is maya? She is no where. Amar says stay here with sid i will look for her. Amar goes out and looks for maya. He comes back. Amar says go to bharadwaj house with sid rajveer will come there looking for sid.If he doesn’t find him it will create problems.

Sid holds amar’s hand and stands up. amar is totally shocked. Maya is outside she sees mausi ji, maya says mausi ji shouldn’t see rajveer.
Mata ji says we lost again, roli wont be with her husband on this festival as well. mata ji says roli i am sorry i couldn’t give your sid back to you.roli says dont say that please.
Khushi says mausi ji wont leave them. Simar says the last ray of hope is gone too. simar says we will find a way out, dont give up. mata ji says how cant i give up. Our own people hurt us the most. outsiders dont know what really hurts. i dont know what will rajveer do to us. I care about you all. how can i save my kids

Mausi ji sees rajveer sitting in the car, she screams his name. maya grasps her by mouth and takes her aside. Rajveer turns back and looks there.
pari says first prem made the mistake and you made the second one now. Anyway you have to pay for it. Roli says stop it you helped mausiji in running. khushi says you made a mistake and you are blaming us now. we all had to pay for your mistakes but that wont happen now. We wont pay neither will our kids. prem leaves, simar says prem please stop. roli says till now we faced everything with unity. Khushi says we didn;t have brave back then. the only family is our kids for us. when rajveer and mausi ji come we will tell them everything. She looks back sid comes in.

Precap-Rajveer says i feel like maa is near, go find her guru ji. they look for her.

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