Shastri Sisters 26th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone bringing Kajal home. Sareen asks Neil to take her inside, he will get medicines. Kajal apologizes to Neil and says she wanted to die to ease his problems. He apologizes to her and says he will not give her divorce, but he can’t stay as her husband. She smiles and asks her not to say sorry, his support is enough for her. She thanks him. He says now come and brings her inside the home. Anu looks on. Minty sees them and wants to go to Kajal. Anu stops her and helps Kajal. Minty asks her to be careful.

Minty confronts Neil about saying Kajal about divorce. Neil says yes, I told her. She asks when. He says yesterday night in drunken state. She gets angry and leaves. She goes to Anu and asks her to bring food for Kajal. She asks Kajal what happened that made Kajal take this big step. Minty says I know its not about Anu, you call me mum, so talk like you are talking to your mum. She says I know its between you and Neil, what did he say. Kajal says its not his mistake, he feels I m burden on him, he was fine at night and told in morning that he will give me divorce, I feel Devyaani might have told him this, if he gives me divorce, what will happen about me, I know he does not love me, but I love him.

Kajal says I got dizzy hearing him and was seeing everything dark, I was not able to stand, so I went to die. She says now everything is fine, Neil apologized to me, just bless me and our married life will run smooth. Minty thinks and leaves. Minty thinks what Kajal is saying different story, than Anu and Neil. Anu gets food for Kajal. Kajal says she has won. Anu says its good that she showed her true face, which is not innocent and just thinks about victory. Kajal says you too wish to win. Anu says yes, for my family and you want to win for yourself. Kajal says she will make her family hers and see how she is controlling them.

She says Neil is also on her side now. She says she will rule everyone and promises her. Anu says I m shocked that you are going to lose, how can she talk with confidence, as her life will get many problems. Kajal asks is she not tired to give warnings and she is bored as Anu does not do anything. She says this time even Minty can’t tell me anything, I m her fav bahu. Anu promises her that Minty will kick her out, and smiles. Kajal says this can never happen. Anu says she is mistaken, she will make Minty do this. She asks her to keep her bags ready and leaves.

Anu comes to Rajat and he asks is she worried, tell me the problem, I m going out for few days to train new batch in Ambala. She asks when. He says date is not final, but soon. Kajal says Anu gave warning confidently, she will do something to bring my truth out. Devyaani comes to office and meets Alka. Alka says we have to submit new branch assignment, her colleague said about Vicky Khanna’s order. Devyaani says Vicky is the boss of this office. Alka says how will we do. Devyaani says chill, we will talk to workers first.

Kajal tells Leela that she is going out and will come in one hour. Leela asks where is she going. Kajal says her place in this house will be fixed. She leaves. Minty recalls Anu, Neil and Kajal’s words. She says I thought if any innocent girls comes in home, it will turn into heaven, but there are many problems. She says how should I unite this home. Anu comes to her. Minty says I did not ask anything, but I need your help today, if you say yes, we can patch up, else that chance will also end. Anu asks her to say what can she do. Minty says we have to unite Neil and Kajal. Anu says Kajal is very clever, she knows whats good for her, she can harm others and does not care to play this game.

Minty says she has lost her last chance, I told you if you help me, we can patch up, but you don’t want this to happen. Anu says I want good for this house. Minty argues and says her decision was right about her, she is double faced. She says she will unite Neil and Kajal and leaves. She asks Leela about Kajal. Leela says she is sleeping. Minty says she can drink juice. Leela stops her. Minty goes there and Kajal comes. She says she came to help her. Minty asks her to have the juice.

Everyone sit watching tv and Anu keeps an eye on Kajal. Kajal gives them sweets. Rajat says team work is imp. Minty says he said right, you can’t win without trust. Anu says we should not trust anyone so soon and Minty argues and taunts her. Anu eats the sweets while Minty continues to taunt her. Anu gets up in anger and asks what does she want to say. Minty asks what. Anu says she can tell her directly, now everyone knows we are talking to each other. Rajat asks what happened to her. Anu says this is the only way to save our home. She says she wants to save this house from Minty and Kajal, and blames Minty to ruin this house. Everyone is shocked.

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