Jamai Raja 26th May 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Naani coming to know that shiv is well asking Shiv to get out of house. Shiv says though he always troubled DD whole life, he loves her a lot and will leave home forever after seeing her in the evening once she comes back. Naani says she does not want to see his face again after evening.

Simran packs Biji’s bag and sees her off. Roshni enters and says biji does not have to go anywhere as Biji got allergic reaction. She shows allergic leaves and says she found it near tulsi plant and on Biji’s towel. Biji looks at ugly Kritika and tells she is lucky to have Roshni as her caretaker. Once they all go in, Roshni stops ugly Kritika and says she knows she did this and asks her to mend her ways before it is too late. Ugly ignores her and leaves. Sid sees that and thinks roshni is a perfect wife for him.

Kesar comes home alone and says DD stayed at office today. Naani calls her and hears sounds. DD tells some political leader is murdered, so his men are breaking all shops. Shiv says he will not let anything happen to his durga until he is alive and goes alone. Roshni on the other side gets call from Mona. She informs Sid who say she will go there right now. She says she cannot send him alone and goes with her. Simran makes her dumb and weird faces and says this boy has gone mad.

Sid reaches riot area and asks inspector to let him in as his mother-in-law is stuck in her shop. Inspector does not let her in. Sid calls commissioner and seeks his help, but he disconnects his call. Inspector says it is a sensitiveissue and nobody wants to take risk.

Naani shouts at Mona and Kesar that their brother love brought Shiv back here and he is acting as if he is a hero and will save heroine/DD (…joke…) on his horse. Kesar taunts that Bhaiya has gone mad to risk his life. Mona asks him to shut up. Naani scolds her.

DD gets afraid seeing stone pelting in her office and goons all around. She hears goons talking that a light is on and they should kill the person in, so she switches off light and hides under table. Shiv enters and walks towards her cabin. She thinks him as a goon and holds fire extinguisher to hit him.

Precap: Roshni hears on police walkie talkie that a woman and 2 other dead bodies are found near jewelry shop and panics. Sid asks her to calm and says her dad will save her mom for sure.

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