Qubool Hai 26th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam is boggled to see the mirror behind the veil, and is confused, while ahil waits for her rfeaction. just then, the new bride too comes in the frame saying that she is ahil’s wife. Sanam looks up and confronts her and then turns around, surprised. Ahil is shocked to see her, but introduces her as the second bride, Sanam instead. She is amused as to how ahil loves this name so much. The new bride asks if she too is sanam, and sanam talks about her identity as jannat. Ahil is flustered when sanam asks about their second marriage. he tries to get her out, but the new bride intervenes saying that she shall show her the house, before guests start coming in their house. he leaves out for a file, and then whispers into the new bride’s ears not to even dare to hurt sanam. she says that he has dared to be her enemy, and that she wont hurt sanam, as she is already lost, but he should be punished, for leaving stranded, for her. she reprimands him for what he did and the way he treated her, and thaty she would teach him a lesson, that makes him realise that he only belongs to her. she then turns to jannat, and asks her to come, to se the house. she is amused to see ahil and the new bride whispering and walks out. Ahil is tensed as the new bride follows. She then talks about ahil’s likeness for her as a friend. she tells about shaad and ahil’s first meet. Sanam says that she doesnt know the reason of her being here, as she lost her memory in a tragic accident, and doesnt remember anything before that. she talks about how stress can even take her life, and shaad doesnt want it, being so concerned. The new bride thinks amused, she is herself being handed sanam on a platter.

Just then, latif and gazalla are shockedd to see sanam, and then the new bride formally introduces them to sanam, and asks them to get the special pan, for sanam as a welcome gesture. latif leaves. gazalla begins to leave, while the new bride stops her. a formal introduction follows, and sanam tries to hug her, but she shoves her away. the new bride says that she is shy. Sanam hugs her and says that she feels she knows her. Just then, latif returns, and the new bride presents sanam with her homemade paan. sanam obliviously takes in one and then is about to eat it, while the new bride watches in amusement. Ahil stops her just in time, shocking and surprising them all. he comes tp sanam and asks her not to eat the paan, and gives another one. Ahil expresses his doubts, and sanam asks how can he say such things.

The new bride says that he feels she tampered with the paan, and as a verbal arguement ensues, sanam is boggled, whereb the new bride gets emotional, talking about how he is always insulting hr. sanam tries to intervene, but the new bride says that this wont be needed, and then says that she can switch to roti, and asks latif and gazalla, but they both refuse to eat it, being scared. finally the new bride takes it, much to sanam’s surprise, and then taunts ahil as to why he keeps doing this. The new bride rushes from there, while sanam too follows her. Latif and gazalla wonder whats going on and how they are always scared of the new bride, and also about sanam’s ghostly return.

Scene 2:
Location: Open grounds
Meanwhile, shaashi kapoor, arrives at a building, and an exclusion immediately gets to be planned. She wonders whats her connection to this house, that the lord keeps sending her here. She walks ahead. Shaad follows her and is curious to find about her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In the room, sanam tries to compose the new bride, when ahil comes in and sanam reprimands him for such a behaviour. sanaam leaves the room to give them some privacy. The new bride composes herself, and then eyes him amusedly, and when she finds that sanam isnt in the corridor, she closes the door. she then goes onto hug ahil, who is disgusted. he asks whats she upto. She says that all is fair inn love and war, and that she is just trying to establish her love over sanam’s. The new bride asks him to hit, as she threatens to kill sanam. She says that she herself is the only truth of his life. The new bride asks ahil not to dream on, about his future with sanam, as she shall completely annihilate her and their relation. Ahil stands tensed. She walks out. The screen freezes on ahil’s angry face.

Precap: Ahil finally gets to meet saif’s family, and his sister, and is shocked to see Shashi Kapoor. A dance number ensues, in which sanam, the new sanam and shashi all dance.

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