Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 26th May 2015 Written Episode

Ishaani comes inside and asks Dewarsh what has happened to him, he always used to be happy, why he has started to count money in every matter. She says he used to tell Baa respect isn’t earned by money. She says they are Parekh, they can’t lose their respect. Ishaani asks if he loves Krisha. He says yes. Ishaani says he must know them too, they value a person not the clothes he is wearing. Dewarsh says he was just saying nothing should be lacking in our hospitality to them. Ishaani says they are all excited and we will make this ritual super special for them.
Baa says everything is good when you work hard. Chaitali says what would be good, they have called a caterer even. Ishaani says Baa will make Gujrati good and she will make Punjabi food, Chaitali cheers. Ishaani asks about Ritesh, Chaitali says he is out since morning. Baa says he has gone for arrangements. Baa watches a toy in Ishaai’s bag, it was for Aditya. She asks where is Manas, Baa says Manas takes Aditya office daily. Ishaani is shocked hearing this.
Manas comes out of office cuddling Aditya. He says he will go to doctor today. Parul watches that Manas’s baby carrying strap was broken, she tells Manas. He was worried now that he had to get baby’s vaccination done and return home in time as well. Parul says she may go with him for Aditiya’s vaccination. Manas thanks her as his Aditya is everything for him. Parul says he is everything for her as well. She sits on bike and asks Manas to drive slow.
In the kitchen, Chaitali says to Ishaani that making Punjabi food is really difficult. Pratik was cutting cheese. Baa watches the ingredients as cream and cheese in good and says this is why Punjabi’s are said to be good eaters. Baa says that Ishaani is now taking up the colours of Punjabis. Ishaani brings bharwa bhindi to Baa and asks her to taste them, this is the only dish she knew how to make, she learnt all the others from Kanchal. Baa says this is so delicious, she needs her hands be kissed today. She thinks the same as said by RV, she cries that she can’t think about anything but his memories. She must forget all these now, for Ranveer and for Shekhar as well.
Dewarsh comes to see dishes in table; Baa stops him for tasting them as she will pray with them before. Ishaani says that she has decided that they must all wear Punjabi dresses. Baa says she doesn’t have any Punjabi dresses. Ishaani asks her not to take tension; she has hired a designer and is going to get the dresses. Chaitali asks if she is a big designer, Ishaani says she is Krisha’s friend and is just learning designing. She prepared their dresses at reasonable rates. Dewarsh thanks Ishaani, she says it is alight and heads to leave. Dewarsh’s phone rings, he was worried and says he doesn’t want to talk to this person. Ishaani asks him to receive it, but he says it is a wrong number.
In the way, Ishaani tells Baa she has received the dressed and has worn hers as well. Her dupatta goes off with wind. A man comes to help her with them. He drapes Ishaani with that, when RV comes from behind and slaps him hard accusing him of disrespecting a girl. Ishaani asks Ranveer to leave her, he asks why? Ishaani says she is saying this, that is why. She turns to the other person and says sorry, but he leaves. RV asks why she was siding him. She says he helped him, she asks what has happened to him (RV) why he takes people wrong always. RV says he very rarely wronged in judging people but now he judged her wrong. He says he now will never break the promise with Ritika to keep away from her. She leaves saying it will be good for them both. In the way she thinks he will have to go away from her as she went away.
Pratik opens the door to the guests who were shocked watching Parekh’s in Punjabi costumes. Mr. Mehra says it seems the whole Chandrigarh has shifted here. They all welcome them inside. Ishaani and Krisha hug each other, when Shekhar enters the door and keeps watching Ishaani. Ishaani comes to him and asks if he will have to be given special invitation. He says she looks very nice, Ishaani says thank you. She asks about his case. Shekhar says the judgement also came to him, and he has won. Ishaani says Shekhar Mehra never loses a case. Shekhar says it was the first of it’s kind, he took lesser fee than she had given him. Ishaani smiles. Pratik comes to take Shekhar inside. Ishaani also comes inside and indulge in serving the guests. Her eyes focused on the door. Shehar notices this her worry and comes to her. He says don’t worry, he won’t come to tease her anymore; he apologized her and promised Ritika that he won’t break. Ishaani thinks about the evening’s incident. Shekhar thinks she is really stressed, he must do something.
The family talk that everyone must be here in the ritual. Baa says Ritesh went for some work. He will be back soon.
RV comes to jeweler and asks for some traditional jewellery. The shopkeeper says that such jewellery doesn’t come now, but he has some samples as a person mortgaged some of the jewellery today. RV is shocked watching the samples.

PRECAP: Shekhar asks the contracter on whose call he wants the house empty. RV says from the door, his call.

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