Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naksh asking Naitik to make dosa for him. Naitik says he can make it and asks Chitti to come, he will teach him to make dosa in his style. Akshara asks shall I help. Naitik says no, Naksh told me. Naira says this is bad Bau ji, you don’t play with me, make a doll house with me, I have to gift Mishti before going, Naksh did not help me. He says fine, I will help. She says go to terrace and I will get other items. Mishti says she wants to go in dance classes. Naman and Karishma get glad and agree. Devyaani asks Naksh to do her temple work, she has to make medicines. She asks Girja to come and takes her. Naira hugs Naksh. He says Lord helps in good work.

Naira says its just Akshara and Bhabhimaa. He says I thought something for them. They lift the sweets and Akshara asks them not to lift it, she can tell Girja. Naira says she is busy. Akshara says I will keep it in car, come. Ananya gets ready and says why did mum not wake me, its first day of office. Varsha says she tried and you did not get up, tiffin is ready. Ananya asks for help. Varsha says she will not learn till she gets late. Ananya asks Nannu to say driver. Varsha asks her to go by auto, she is good mum so she is not helping her. Ananya says fine, I will manage and leaves angrily.

Rajshri says till mu gets strict, she can’t teach child anything. Varsha says Shaurya should understand this. Bhabhimaa sees Akshara and Naksh tells her that Akshara has kept the Prasad items well, else it would have fallen. She asks him to get Devyaani. He says she went to see patient. She gets pandit’s call and says we are coming. Naksh says driver went home. Bhabhimaa says what will happen now, you can drive. He says he does not Indian license and he can go jail. They worry. Naksh and Naira ask Akshara to drive and take them.

Akshara says she did not practice since long. Naksh insists. She says she will get taxi. Bhabhimaa says pandit ji is waiting. Akshara takes her with the kids. Naksh reminds his childhood things. Bhabhimaa says I remember everything. They reach the temple and they run to ring the bell first. Bhabhimaa fails to lift the bags and Akshara helps her. The kids smile seeing them. Naira says I m feeling bad for her, she is doing this in this age. Bhabhimaa gets tired to lift two bags. Naksh says I know, and prays to Lord for her. Akshara holds Bhabhimaa and Bhabhimaa moves away. Akshara holds a cloth and gives her. She pulls Bhabhimaa. Naksh says don’t worry, this distance will end soon and smiles.

Ananya comes late to office and sits. Everyone smile seeing her. The pandit is glad seeing Akshara and asks about Naitik and Naksh. He says Bhabhimaa got weak and stays upset, I did not see her smiling, its true if children stays abroad, how can they be happy. Bhabhimaa gives the chadava. He asks them to do aarti together. Akshara takes the plate and Bhabhimaa holds it too. The kids smile seeing them do aarti together. The wind blows and Naksh holds Naira and Mishti. Bhabhimaa gets away. Akshara looks for her and calls out. Bhabhimaa calls out Mishti and Naksh. Akshara asks Naksh not to move. Naksh asks her to come. Bhabhimaa is about to fall on some metal lines as her eyes are closed. Akshara sees her and rushes to her. She hugs Bhabhimaa to save her from falling. Naksh and Naira see this and get glad.

They leave from temple. Naksh says thank Lord mum saved Bhabhimaa from falling. Naitik calls him and asks are they fine, strong wind came. Naksh says we are fine, coming home. Naitik tells this at home and asks elders not to take tension. Bau ji says he has managed them and bahu has managed Bhabhimaa and kids. Bhabhimaa sees Akshara’s hand bleeding and asks kids did they get hurt. Naira says we are fine. Naksh sees Akshara’s hand and asks her. Akshara says I will apply something at home. He says I will get bandage, stop the car.

Rajshri says its so much dust at home. Kaki says yes, we have to clean it. Vihwamber says I was closing windows and you all wanted to have air. Jasmeet says Shaurya and Anshu reached office. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to call Akshara and find out. She calls Naitik and he says everything is fine, and tells them. Rajshri asks him to say when Akshara and everyone return from temple. Naitik says he knows his worry. She says she has mum’s heart. Akshara brings Bhabhimaa home and everyone get glad. Naksh and Naira tell everyone how Akshara saved Bhabhimaa and her hand got hurt. Naitik worries. Akshara says she is fine. Devyaani says she will make lep.

Bau ji asks Akshara to do as Devyaani says. Devyaani asks them to have water. Naitik cares for Bhabhimaa. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………plays………….. Devyaani sees them and smiles. She does first aid to Akshara. Devyaani takes the chutney intentionally and Bhabhimaa stops her from applying chutney to Akshara, and asks her did she not differentiate this being a Ved. Devyaani says sorry, the bowl changed. Bhabhimaa says this would have hurt Akshara’s wound.

Akshara sees Bhabhimaa’s hand hurt and does aid. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai………..plays…………

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