Swaragini 26th May 2015 Written Episode

Ragini asks what are you saying? Swara says she will come in some time and asks her to take care of Sumi. She tells Shekhar that she will come back in sometime. Dadi badmouths about Swara and Sumi. Shekhar asks her to stop it. Sujata calls Dadi and asks about Sumi. She says whatever has happened was good. Dadi asks what do you mean? Sujata asks her to meet outside. Dadi agrees. Sujata asks her to call Shekhar with her. Dadi agrees. Sujata smirks seeing Sanskar. Dadi asks Shekhar to come with her as Sujata called them. Shekhar says but Mishti is unwell. Dadi says Sumi is acting and is not concerned with Ragini or him.

Swara scolds Laksh for blackmailing her. He says you can’t do anything rather than spoiling the things. Laksh asks her about Sumi. Swara says Sumi had never lied before, but today she did a drama to save you from guilt. She asks him to understand her condition. Laksh says he is hurt too. Swara asks really. Laksh asks her not to taunt him and asks her to try to understand him. He says I never wanted to get engaged to Ragini. I was pressurized by Papa before. Swara asks you wants to say that I misunderstood you. Laksh says nothing. I told her that I was her fiance, when I loves you. He says he didn’t mean to hurt Ragini. He says I never realized when I started loving you. He says trusts me I really loves you. Swara asks him to stop it. He asks are you a superstar to change your decision.

Sujata thanks dadi and Shekhar for coming on a short notice. Shekhar asks what is the matter? Sujata says I wants to talk to you about Laksh and ragini. Dadi asks her not to talk anything inauspicious. Sujata apologizes and says this relation can’t happen anymore. Shekhar asks what are you saying? Sujata says Laksh doesn’t want this alliance to happen. Dadi says Laksh told that he wants to marry Ragini infront of everyone. Laksh says I told maa that I wants to marry you. He says I will accept everyone decision. Swara claps and says wow, great. She says very soon you will understand. Sujata acts innocent and says he might not have strength to tell the truth. Shekhar asks what? Sujata says Laksh loves someone else and not Ragini. Dadi and Shekhar are shocked. Sujata says that girl name is……..Dadi sees Swara and Laksh talking.

Swara tells that she will remember always that because of him, Ragini’s life is ruined. Sujata says Laksh loves Swara. Dadi says Laksh can’t do this. Shekhar says Laksh is Swara’s friend. Laksh holds Swara’s hold. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Laksh bends down on his knees and says he can’t bear her hatredness. He says my love will not end with your anger. Swara asks him to leave her hand. She refuses to become friend again. Shekhar and Dadi are shocked as they only see them. Sujata says I can understand your pain. I am not selfish, so thought to inform you. She pretends to cry. Shekhar apologizes to Sujata and leaves with Dadi. Sujata smirks looking at Laksh and Swara. Laksh says I love you. Please don’t leave me. Swara says only your happiness matters to you, but not of your family. She refuses to love him and calls him spineless fellow. She says your one decision can ruin someone’s life. Laksh says love can happen once and never ends. Swara says we are responsible for wrong result. She leaves from there. Laksh gets teary eyed.

Doctor asks Sumi to rest and goes. Ragini thanks him. She gives medicine to Sumi. Sumi says she needs to say about something important. Shekhar and Dadi reach home. Dadi says if you keep quiet today then I will think that my upbringing is wrong. You have to accept that Sumi is black reflection and Swara is……She recalls Swara asking Ragini to wait for sometime before getting engaged. She says that’s why Sumi was acting to stop the engagement. Swara comes home and sees Shekhar and Dadi in tensed mood. She asks what happened. Sumi says your engagement………Dida asks her to tell straight. She says Ragini shall know the truth. Ragini asks what? Sumi says……Just then Dadi calls them. Ragini says maa is not well. Dadi says she needs to talk. Swara asks did I tell anything wrong. Dadi says no one is innocent than you. Sumi asks what are you saying? Dadi taunts Sumi for not letting Ragini engaged. Ragini asks what are you saying?

Sumi says she wants to say something and asks for a chance. Dadi says she has given her enough chances. Firstly she gave her chance to marry Shekhar, letting her to stay in the house, letting Swara become Ragini’s sister, giving name to Swara and giving her chance to take advantage. She asks her to asks Swara about her doings. Sumi asks Shekhar to say. Shekhar asks why did you and your daughter do this? Sumi asks what? Shekhar says you have acted in the engagement.

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