Sasuraal Simar Ka 27th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sid comes back home. His memory is back he hugs roli.

Rajveer comes and looks for masui ji. guru ji says we have to leave sir, we have to keep this maani safe. Rajveer says okay and sis in the car. Amar and calendar sees them going. They go to maya and say how long will you stop her from meeting rajveer? Maya says after today mausi ji will know that i am neither simar nor roli. i will make them realize their problems.

Sid says to khushi, pari and uma. He says i heard what you said to roli and maata ji. You are my bhabhis, whatever you did to this family is by gone. you wont tell rajveer and mausi ji anything that i have my memory back. If you dont i can become aryan back for you. i can do anything to save my family and you are not part of that family. So think before you decide something.
Khushi says rajveer will know that truth how long will you conceal it? That sid has his memory back.

Rajveer comes home, Roli says what is he doing here? Roli says he wasn’t well so mausi ji asked him to rest here. Rajveer gets a call, uma says this must be mausi ji she will tell him everything. Rajveer says someone spread the rumor to stop my plan but that didn’t work out. tell me who id this? i want to know the truth. where is my mom? what have you done to her? You have five minutes tell me where is she?

Precap-rajveer looks everywhere for mausi ji.

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