Satrangi Sasural 27th May 2015 Written Episode

Everyone is shocked when Priyanka finds out that a competitor’s concept is the same as their own. Minnie accuses Aarushi of giving the concept to the rival company because her idea was rejected.

Vihaan defends Aarushi, and says they cannot accuse her without evidence. Daadi maa also supports Aarushi and says they should think about what to do next instead. Priyanka says they have to withdraw from the competition and goes to her room. Aarushi is also upset and leaves. Vihaan says there is a way out…

Priyanka has a complete breakdown in her room and says she always ends up failing in all her endeavors. Daadi comes to her room and tries to console her. And says they can still salvage the situation.

In ArHaan’s bedroom, Aarushi is crying and Tai maa and Chachi maa are trying to console her. Vihaan comes and says that they will go ahead with her concept. Aarushi says they shouldn’t do it because it will confirm Priyanka and Minnie’s suspicion that she is guilty. Daadi maa says it is the only way to protect Vatsala and Priyanka’s status in the industry. After listening to her, Aarushi feels encouraged and says she will do everything to protect their company’s and Priyanka’s reputation.

Aarushi calls up the people involved in the project and exposes Aditi’s treachery in front of the family along with proof. Minnie slaps Aditi, who tells Minnie that she will seek revenge. She also threatens to destroy Vatsala’s reputation in the industry. Minnie apologises to Aarushi. Aarushi says it’s okay and she begins preparations for the show with all the family members.

Aarushi goes to Priyanka’s room and tries to cheer her up. Priyanka behaves rudely and tells Aarushi that her concept will flop and it would be best for Vatsala to withdraw its name. Aarushi says she never accepts defeat without making all attempts to succeed and it is most important in life to do your best. Aarushi tries to seek Priyanka’s blessings but is rebuffed.

Aarushi is talking to the designers and Daadi, Tai maa and Chachi maa are watching from a distance. Chachi and Tai maa are worried, but Daadi says she has full faith in Aarushi.

Priyanka tells Daadi that Aarushi’s concept will fail and they should not participate in the competition. Minnie supports her. Daadi scolds Minnie and asks her to think on her own sometimes. She tells Priyanka to support the family in the decision. Priyanka refuses.

Precap – Aditi tells Aarushi that all the models signed up by Vatsala have joined the rival company. Aarushi is shocked.

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