Sasuraal Simar Ka 28th May 2015 Written Episode

Prem says this planned failed what will i do now?
Mausi ji come homes, rajveer says where were you? she says i am fine what would they do to me? Rajveer says i am really mad. A woman ruined my plan, i was treating the second man she spread a rumor. A human rush started there. Mata ji says simar i am sure choti called why is she pretedning now? simar says i dont get all this. Mayya comes in. Roli says in heart oh so this is why mausi ji is behaving this way. uma says maya has hypnotized mausi ji. Khushi says we should stay quite for now. Rajveer says where are you coming from at this hour? Rajveer says where are you coming from maya? Maya says i went out. he says dont lie, she says i dont know what you are talking about? Mausi ji says she was with me in the mall. Rajveer is dazed. Mausi ji says i went to shopping with her. rajveer says this day is not good, everything ruined and you went to shopping, where is your phone? Mausi ji orders aryan. he shows the broken phone to rajveer.

prem calls rajveer and says i accept the bet. Rajveer says reach my banglow i will meet you there. Prem says this is my last chance to save my family. Rajveer leaves.
Simar says we have to find out what new game rajveer and mausi ji are planing to play. maya says he took my amaai and i could do nothing abut it. simar says dont be upset we will get it. roli says yes maya look at how sid is back to us, we will get your maani back.

Sujata says where is prem? simar says yes he went for some work. sujaata says call and ask him when will he come. We have to start pooja.
Prem is in a dark room, he says why have rajveer called me this place? Simar calls prem and asks where you are? we were all worried for you. prem says its some network problem here. i will talk to you later, i will tell you everything. simar says come home, its teej today, rajveer comes in. Prem says i will talk to you later. Mausi ji comes in and asks simar to go out. everyone comes out, all the neighborhood ladies are there they say we celebrate teej here every year. simar says this year.. Mausi ji says we will celebrate like always.

prem says i want to know how truthful your promise is. rajveer says you have lost everything, i am giving you this chance in beg, prem says you came to me i didn’t come begging to you, i know how you deceive people. i wont trust you. prove me that you wont play any game with me. Rajveer says baba stiye, he goes out.

Roli says didi is the ghee ready?
Mausi ji says your huband doesn’t even remember you whats the point of celebrating teej then. roli is about to say something, simar stop her.
The pooja starts, simar says in heart there is something that prem is concealing from me.

a man comes in, rajveer says you would trust him prem wont you? its the lawyer. Rajver says baba ji bring the property papers. He shows them to prem and says here are your papers. I have signed this blank paper, if you wint you will get all your property back. mr lawyer will help you. Just as i told you, you have to assure me about your loyalty.
Prem signs on the blank paper as well. prem says write whatever you want.

Precap-Mausi ji says to anjali and sanju have you seen aryan ? anjalu says he went to store room,sid is there with roli. mausi ji is coming in that direction.

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