Kalash 28th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ravi takes off his shirt, Devika says what are you doing? He says girls stop the cars when they see the body. She says you recall when on MG road you asked a girl for lift? He says oh it was you? She says yes i didn’t like you. He says what about now? she says now.. the girl says sit in the car please. They sit in the car.
The girl drops them somewhere in middle she says i have to go in another direction from here. devika says how will we go from here? ravi says we would walk. she says i haven’t eaten anything, i have no energy. he says there is a dhabba here, lets eat their food.

saket comes and asks the manager, who did this? They show him the footage, saket is shocked to see its ravi.

Devika says i am really hungry ravi. He says dont be mad, he orders it. She says when will it come? she says i am really tired.

Rest comming soon.

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