Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 28th May 2015 Written Episode

RV asks Mr. Mehra why Ishaani mortgaged his jewellery to the jeweler. Everyone is shocked hearing this. RV tells them he watched all those sets to jeweler and thinks this is of Krisha and Kanchal aunty. He had asked the jeweler but he denied telling him the name, he says he paid 40 lacs against this money. RV took a photo, he shows it now to Kanchal and asks if this is the jewellery. He recognizes the set Krisha wore. Krisha says yes. RV says he know this because Ritika appreciated Krisha’s jewellery and she took photo from her phone of this. He asked her where she bought this jewellery, Kanchal had said it isn’t designed anymore. He says to Kanchal, Mr. Mehra, Krisha and Shekhar that this is obvious that they won’t sell their family jewellery and Ishaani has kept them to jewellery, mortgaged. They all look at Ishaani quizzically. RV says he did all this drama only because he knows Ishaani can’t see her family getting homeless, and along with jewellery her true face would also come to everyone. Buas say they didn’t like this girl from day one. They say girls from good families don’t do so. Shekhar speaks in favor of Ishaani, RV asks if he still feels for her and wants to marry the girl who stole at his home. Ishaani asks Ranveer to stop it now, she says she will show them all the locker where it was kept as a proof. Shekhar says to Ishaani she doesn’t need to give any proof. Ishaani says Ranveer is blaming her, pointing at her character, self respect and brought up as well. She says she will give him proof. She says she will open the locker in front of him and will show him the jewellery in front of everyone. RV says they will see. Shekhar asks Ishaani to leave it, Ishaani asks please and leaves.
Inside the room at Shekhar’s house, Ishaani unlocks the locker as everyone arrives behind her. Ritika had also come there by then. Ishaani opens up the lock and brings about the jewellery box. She opens it up to find it empty. They are all shocked, so is Ishaani herself. RV asks them all to see if carefully and intently, all the jewellery is there or not. Ishaani checks on the other boxes, they were empty too. The other sets were also missing. Krisha questions Ishaani crying where her wedding jewellery is. Kanchal also says the jewellery she had given Ishaani isn’t here. RV tells Ritika that the photo he sent was of the jewellery that Ishaani mortgaged to the jewellery. He says Ishaani just said everything is there inside, there is nothing. He says all the family jewellery is there in the photo. Everyone was silent. RV asks Ritika if she got the proof?
RV tells everyone they can’t blame him, because he didn’t do anything. This time proof came to him. He says that it was a proof that can’t be ignored, else he would be accused of being disloyal in friendship. Baa says no, this is some planning, Ishaani can’t steal anything. She says she can give a proof of her innocence. RV says he isn’t disobeying her, but all the proofs are against Ishaani. He says it is good he knew she stole, had he not caught her she would have stolen a lot. Shekhar stops him and says this was his limit, because she is his fiance. RV regrets he still considers her fiance. RV asks Ritika to tell her friend Ishaani stings whoever loves her. Shekhar takes RV with collar, all the family comes to get them away from each other. RV asks Shekhar why punish his family because of a girl. Shekhar takes RV with collar again. Ishaani leaves from the hall. Baa goes behind her. Ishaani walks along the road, Baa comes behind her. Ishaani says she didn’t do this, she doesn’t know who stole the jewelry. Baa says she knows Ishaani can’t do this, she is Harshid’s daughter and someone else has done this. Ishaani says she doesn’t understand why is she blamed and has to pay for small happiness of hers. Baa says good people are tested to see what courage that person has of going on the right path. She tells Ishaani she trusts her, that she will be able to face any problem and proof her innocence. Ishaani says she will.
She needs her trust back as well, that is precious for her than this jewelry. Ishaani says she must go to the jeweler. Baa asks her to go, then stops and says she will go there too. They will both proof her innocence, and that Ranveer was wrong and she was right. They both head together.
Mr. Mehra shouts at Shekhar and RV to stop it. He asks RV if they have gone mad, what is happening here. He asks if this is a way to talk to each other, be quiet now. Kanchal asks Shekhar what he is doing now and now for that girl such a clash. Krisha also says that after knowing all that, he is taking sides of Ishaani. She asks him not to fight his friend for that Ishaani. Shekhar says if she also think Ishaani did this. He asks if they have forgotten what Ishaani has done for their family. He says there is confusion, maybe there is RV behind it. He tells RV that Ishaani made him into a good man; he isn’t going to fight them. Shekhar says why they don’t think she never stole in so many days, why would she steal today. Shekhar looks for Ishaani but can’t find her.
The jeweler recognizes Baa; she says she has come to ask him for something. She asks has Mehra family’s jewellery mortgaged to him today. The salesman asks which jewellery, Baa asks he doesn’t know she is asking about which jewellery. Baa says the one he showed to Ranveer Vaghela.
Baa asks who came to mortgage the jewelry here.
Kaka comes inside and tells Shekhar Ishaani isn’t in her room. He gets worried. RV says it seems she ran away again. Shekhar says he doesn’t know which Ishaani RV is talking about, but the Ishaani he knows must have gone to bring proof for her innocence. He says he doesn’t care for anyone to wait, but RV must because he will come back with her to listen RV call her innocent. Shekhar leaves the house.
At the jeweller’s shop, Ishaani asks the salesman to please tell them as he is the only one who can help them. She asks him to ask his brother, maybe he knows about it. The jeweler says they won’t because it is about a family’s respect. Baa says this is about her respect too, is he denying to help them today; does he remember she helped both of him and his brother when his business started else they only polished the jewellery. She says she was the one who gave them the first order of Thakkur ji’s palna. She says he has this shop only because of that, and now when she needs his trust and help he is denying her. The jeweler says he has promised someone, how he can deny with this. Baa says no promise can be larger than life, she says the one who asked him to hide the name might have stolen the jewellery and he is siding him in this theft. She tells him the jewellery came for Shekhar Mehra’s house and he is a big lawyer. Baa says the accusation is on Ishaani. Baa asks if he thinks her son Harshid’s daughter will steal? Baa joins hands to him to save her respect gained in an age, if he doesn’t tell the name. Baa says she knows he has promised, but he can atleast write the name. The jeweler nods, goes inside and brings about paper pen. He writes a name seeing which Baa and Ishaani are shocked, open-mouthed.
Shekhar comes to the jeweler running. He calls Ishaani, both Baa and Ishaani turn to see him. The jeweler hides the diary. Shekhar comes to Ishaani.

PRECAP: Shekhar says to Ishaani she must tell the truth, Ishaani says in front of everyone that she has stolen the jewellery. Shekhar brings her bag and tells her to leave. Ishaani begins to cry.

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