Swaragini 28th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ragini meeting with an accident. Swara and Shekhar shocked and rush to her. Ragini says she can’t live without Laksh and loves him very much. The passerby takes her to hospital, along with Shekhar. Swara is left shocked. She calls Sumi and informs about Ragini’s accident. Dadi takes the call and asks what did you do? Where is my grand daughter. Swara says baba is with her in the city hospital. Everyone rush to city hospital. Shekhar takes her to hospital. Swara comes there running. Shekhar looks at her angrily. Dadi comes and asks Shekhar about Ragini. She cries. Shekhar assures them that nothing can happen to Ragini. Swara brings water for them, but then keeps the glass on the reception. Shekhar comes and picks the glass. He gives water to his parents. Sumi and Dida come there. Dadi taunts her.

The nurse asks Shekhar to do the formalities and deposit the money for the operation. Shekhar says he doesn’t have money right now and will bring the money. The nurse refuses. Dada ji gives him locker keys and asks to bring money. Shekhar goes to bring the money. Dadi gets up and insults Sumi and Swara. She asks why did you come here? Sumi is teary eyed. Swara cries. Dida asks her not to do any drama there. She says we are all worried for Ragini. Dadi asks her to shut up. She asks Sumi to leave with daughter and mum. Sumi refuses to go until Ragini gets well. Dadi yells at her. Dada ji calls Dadi and asks her to sit beside him.

Laksh comes to Ragini’s house and talks to Omi over phone. He says he came to apologize to Ragini. Shekhar takes out the money from the locker. He gets emotional seeing Ragini’s photo. Laksh comes there and says he wants to meet once. Shekhar asks him to leave. Laksh apologizes and says he didn’t want to hurt Ragini. Shekhar drags him to the hospital. Everyone is shocked. Laksh is shocked to see Ragini in ICU. Shekhar asks him to apologize to Ragini. Laksh apologizes repeatedly. Shekhar says he will kill him. He tries to suffocate her. Sumi asks Shekhar to leave him. Laksh feels short of breathe. She says I didn’t tell you the truth that day, because I knew about your reaction. Dadi asks Laksh to go from there, along with Swara, Dida and Sumi. He says Swara didn’t do any mistake. I did everything. Swara asks her to leave. He says aunty wants to safe Ragini’s life. She is not wrong. Dadi asks him to go. Laksh asks her to listen. He looks at Swara. Swara stares him angrily.

Laksh sadly leaves. Doctor comes and says operation is successful, but we need blood for her. Sujata tells Annapurna that it is good Sanskar slept. Adarsh informs Annapurna about Ragini’s accident and says she is very serious. Annapurna says I should meet her. Sanskar gets up. Sujata closes the door. She says are you fine? Sanskar says he is double fit and wants to meet his friend Ragini.

Laksh blames himself for Ragini’s condition. Omi asks him not to blame himself. Annapurna calls Laksh and asks him to reach hospital. Laksh asks why this is happening. I didn’t want this to happen. Sanskar says he wanted this. He says Swara will never look at Laksh’s face. Sujata smirks and says yes. Laksh says I lost it, I am a bad guy and did bad. Annapurna asks him to realize his mistake. Laksh asks what shall I do? Annapurna asks him to do penance and asks him to reach hospital. Sanskar says he will be happy after taking revenge. He says we will win this game. Laksh says I will do anything for penance. He asks what shall I do. He looks at the God’s idol. He sees a man hurting himself and thinks to hurt himself. Swara asks Sumi, if Ragini will be alright.

Sumi says Ragini has to get well or question will be raised on my love. Swara says I was shocked after Laksh’s proposal and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to tell Ragini, but was scared. She says there is nothing between me and Laksh. I doesn’t have anything in my heart for Laksh and asks her to believe her. Shekhar hears her. Swara cries.

Doctor tells that if Ragini doesn’t get consciousness in 1 hour then it means she went in coma. Everyone is shocked. Laksh beats himself with the thick rope for the penance. Durga Prasad is shocked to see Laksh falling down unconscious.

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