Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2 29th May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Avdhoot bringing chocolates and saying they will celebrate Astha’s birthday the way she likes. Kalindi says even she has made her fav dishes. He says he can differentiate between real and fake happiness, and taunts Kalindi that she is selfish and he will not talk to her. Ajju asks what is he saying, anger is not good. He says I know well, I should have been angry on right time, now I will listen to my heart, I will not support anyone to stop tears. He leaves. Kalindi cries and says she wants Astha’s happiness, how is she selfish.


Astha arranges the lunch and Apsara gets Shlok’s call. He asks her to take kids out doing anything, he will explain the details later. She says fine. Indrajeet comes with his friends and asks Apsara to call Barkha. Kalindi tries to explain Avdhoot and he says she would have not said this if she came to Mumbai with him. He says he met Astha because of Shlok, I hugged her after 8 months. She says you did not tell me. He says whats the use to tell you, you went to Indrajeet’s home, did he make you meet her, you did not meet her there, he did not let you, he is not a good man.

Kalindi says he did not make me meet Astha, as he was afraid for Astha’s health. Avdhoot says Shlok did not tell anything to Astha and made me meet her asking me to meet Barkha. He says he hugged her calling her by other name, he was hurt, but when he saw Shlok, he had a smile on his face, he was glad that he succeeded to make me meet Astha, he has hidden his pain, think what he is going through, he is her husband and staying with his wife as a friend, his wife is staying with Indrajeet. He says Shlok is doing all this for us, he wants to bring Astha to us, he did not lose, think about his pain, you are mistaken about Shlok.


He smiles and says why am I wasting time, you don’t value all this. She says yes, I hate Shlok and his family, don’t know when will you understand this. She leaves. Shlok and Manya wait and get his car. Manya says its good. Shlok says it won’t remain fine, come. They leave. Apsara asks the kids to go out in holidays. Shantanu says dad won’t allow. Apsara asks them to take permission from mum. The kids leave.


Kalindi feels Indrajeet is right and asks Ajju why is she and Avdhoot behaving like this, Indrajeet is right for Astha. Ajju says don’t make Astha away from Shlok. They argue. Indrajeet says he got big contract from Sharma, she cooked well. She says its her duty. She gets Shlok’s message and he asks is it not possible. She thinks to make any excuse and go, else Indrajeet won’t allow her. She asks Indrajeet shall I go for my kitty party. He says I think you should rest you, you would be tired after cooking. The kids come and say they are getting bored, and want to go out. Astha gets a good excuse and thinks to go with them, and meet Shlok.

Indrajeet says no need to go anywhere. Apsara looks on. He says she is tired, let her rest. The kids says no. Apsara asks Astha to let kids go, she will go along and take care of them.


Kalindi cries and thinks its Astha’s birthday, she can’t wish and see her, Astha is not with her and not even her family, she does not know how to explain Ajju and Avdhoot that she is not doing wrong, she wants her daughter’s happiness. She prays to Bappa that Astha gets happiness. Indrajeet calls Shlok and says he will fail in his challenge, his Astha won’t come out. Shlok says fine, I believe its her birthday daily, I will celebrate anytime else. Indrajeet smiles and taunts him. He says remember, your Astha is now my Barkha. Astha comes and asks with whom was he talking. He says Sharma, and she asks is she can take kids. He refuses and asks her to rest.

She says fine, I will ask Kamla to take kids. He says that’s a good idea. Astha sends kids with Apsara and asks the kids to take care and enjoy. He thinks he will not let Astha go out in any way today. She asks Indrajeet what he has to talk. He says nothing urgent, I want to spend time with you, so I cancelled all office appointments. She says fine. He holds her and says he worries for her. He asks her to rest and they will talk later. She thinks why is he behaving weird and stopping her from going out. He thinks sorry Shlok, Astha can’t meet you today.


Shlok sees the kids with Apsara. Astha calls her and Apsara says we reached. Astha asks her to take care of them. Apsara takes the kids to play. Shlok signs Manya. Manya gets his car hit. Shlok smiles. Indrajeet gets to know by the driver that he has hit a car and he is in police station. Indrajeet says I will come. Indrajeet thinks he can’t leave Astha alone. He tells Astha that driver called and car met with an accident, and kids are fine. He says he will just come and leaves. She says I will call Shlok. Shlok sees Indrajeet leaving and looks at the home. He says he is gone, and calls Astha. She says she was calling him. He says he told her that he wanted to buy gift for her, he is going for some work. She says I will come and meet. He says I m outside, I can’t waste time. She says I m coming. She meets him and they leave on his bike. Music plays…………….He thinks how will Indrajeet feel knowing Astha is with me. Khuda……….plays…………

Shlok and Astha spend some time and she eats golgappas happily.

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