Sasuraal Simar Ka 29th May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Rajveer says if you lose yo will have to do as i ask you? Prem signs the papers and says in heart i have nothing to lose. He says i will fulfill my promise even if i lose, Prem says what about maani?Rajveer says its about property. Prem says i wont be fooled by you again. until you have this, i cant win anything from you. This ahs to be on bet too. Rajveer laughs.he says are you supposed to say all that after losing everything? he takes out the maani, prem says in heart maya this is yours and you will get it real soon.

Roli gets mehndi on her hands, sid smiles at her. Sid smiles and looks in other direction. he makes the okay sign, mata ji says yes roli it looks good. every woman prays and fasts for her husband, she dresses up and breaks her fast after the pooja. Shiv ji protects the husband if you do this pooja. Their husbands come and they break the fast. Sid whispers store room near roli.

Roli goes to store room, she waits for sid. He comes in and scares her, she screams. He says who else were you looking at? she says you. he says dont speak so much. For the world i am aryan. roli says but i am roli. He hugs her and says i will be with you. she steps on his feet. Mausi ji comes in maya stop her. she says you need something? mausi ji says i dont need your permission sid and roli hide.
maya comes after her. Maya says in heart i have to do something. mausi ji says where is that sid. maya says you better stay quite in front of me, mausi ji says he is my servant, maya hypnotizes him.

Maya says roli sid come out she has gone. sid says thank you so much you saved us. Anyways i should go downstairs. roli says thank you for this maya. maya says you dont need to thank me. roli says i wanted to thank you after sid is okay, i have him back. you will get your maani as well. maya says i had to repay for it. i was responsible for it. i will make you one.

sid comes to mausi ji and says would like me to do something? this is a lady’s function. Mausi ji says you are my servant do what i ask you to. Mausi ji says keep an eye on them. woman says roli simar you wont dance like always? teej looks incomplete without dance. lets go do dance. bring your husbands with you all the women, they leave.
simar gets dressed all the women come and dance. mausi ji says simar you can dance roli doesn’t have any one so she feels uspet. simar starts dancing.
Rajveer says first bet for business, second for your house. prem says i will win it for sure.

Precap-simar dances and waits for prem.

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